Taibo Bacar

“… and what about that curtain call….?” Cooed everyone, as we left yet another one of the awesomely enchanting moments engineered under the creative direction of the Mozambican born and based fashion designer; Taibo Bacar alongside master show producer; Mary Reynolds and of course a squad of carefully casted models whose presence met the haute level of the actual clothing. I am almost certain that by now you have seen, heard or taken part in enduring conversation about the fashion house’s PRÉT-À-COUTURE-15 collection.

Taibo Bacar

Smartfully titled “A Luta Continua”, Taibo’s most recent range of designs echoes the very optimism guarding the passion as first roused by a political outrage on a quest to Mozambique’s emancipation from colonisation.  According to the designer: “(they) have gone back to the drawing board to capture the essence of fashion and trends in his home country and of course throughout the continent”. This evidently came through in every piece of clothing to have walked the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa 2014 runway. Blatantly put, PRÉT-À-COUTURE-15 indicated edu-fashion like I have not seen a while; sensibility was stylishly dialled up, because I can go as far as claiming that there seemed to be nothing new –as far as shifting the design aesthetic is concerned. Captivating, because in that very sense; not only did Taibo Bacar then show-off his masterful garment construction with an impeccable finish to match, he made clothes for almost every woman out there. I swear if you can imagine a woman right now, any woman from any possible walk of life, in spite of a stylistic preference or the measure of her interest in fashion, there is at the very least a whole outfit for her in that collection.

Taibo Bacar

As one would probably imagine, the fashion snob in me was caught between a half-growl and the quintessential half teary-eyed rapture of bravoes. Only until a good friend of mine, slash first time frower shared over my shoulder that “with this show Taibo didn’t just drop the mic (an act of unquestionable confidence*… the dropped it, picked it back up and knocked all the possible competition over the heads with it and asked ‘Now What?’…” Perfect. Perfect, I say!

African Fashion Designers Taibo Bacar MJ AND STUFF MBFWA 2014

Taibo Bacar

pics by SDR Photos


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