House of Diva Bubble Dress at Burgundy Fly

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a tad M.I.A in these streets of now late. Okay maybe a lot M.I.A in these streets and for this, pangs of guilt continue to have their wicked ways with me. I have however, not gone easy on fashioning missions and am working on a plan to equally #SERVE all these rad spheres. Much like the recurring tale of my life; great loves of mine prove to ring for a re-run, ever so often (thy mind shall reside not in the gutter)… yes, ladies and the most gentle of gentlemen; I seem to have taken to nursing quite a number of styling projects.

It feels all sorts of good to make a return to dealing threads at this level. I hadn’t really sworn off duties to skilfully gather clothing and bags and accessories and working together with brilliant teams of fellow stylopilitans and the oh-so-incredible thrill of watching it all piece up and taking something of a stylish shape. If anything, I feel that even though I have (during intermission periods) communicated my fashion ways through mediums poles apart, the course remained strong. I live for it!

South African Fashion Stylist Mahlatse James

In these pics, I was tasked with contributing to a series of catalogue spreads for one of the most amazing (seriously, AMAZING) retailers of local fashion; Burgundy Fly and I got to link-up with a talented team whose madcap friendship I would not trade for anything. I just happen to have love-LOVE-loved fussing over this stunning bubble dress by House of Diva.

Mahlatse James Styling the Burgundy Fly catalogue

Burgundy Fly Catalogue Styled by Mahlatse James

Stylist Mahlatse James

Whilst holding  it down on the styling front alongside the abundantly talented Tsholo Mothibi on snap session duty, with such a remarkable face-beat by Tsholo Ramashala of Make-up Couture, hair hooked-up by Bongani and the gorgeous Khanya Mlilo as the adorable model.  Big-ups to the Burgundy Fly team on set too; Dolly and Nhlanhla.

Be not alarmed dear ones, as much as I now spend a heck lot of my time in studious or setting up at an odd location; this here blog will be cared for with just as much verve and attention.

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*



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