The heat here in Joho is crazy in ever soaring highs, I simply refuse to believe that I might be the only person fantasizing about the coming winter season. I know, it is a tad untimely but I am plainly just not dealing anymore. A “melting stylopolitan” is not (and will never be) an attractive vibe for me.  As a likely effect here in my camp, I –together with a wild collective of alter-egos have all energies set on the looming period when warmth is only but a controllable option. Not too successful as far as sourcing my own wardrobe is concerned, all thanks to habitual online shopping missions –which are on the tricky side of life right now because not a lot of sites seem too keen to slap the boldly red sale sign diagonal across their “MUST HAVE” pages.  I am however, already in talks with some of my clients to start piecing up a stunning selection. First stop: IKKS!

I have been an attentive fan of the French brand since the strikingly beautiful Karabo Rafuza brought the first IKKS store into the country and opened a flagship in Hyde Park Corner a couple of seasons ago. As one of the perks of being such a dear friend of the label, I had a remarkable chance to preview the winter 2015 collection over magnificently put-together brunch on a rooftop. #LifeOfABlogger. if the samples presented that day are anything to go by, I can vow that woman, thou art styled up!

All in the details

All in the details

Think: a fierce and faultlessly dazzling junction of classic androgyny and a selection of updated bohemian references. Not too shy on the texture front and a colour palate so regal and functional, some of the pieces on this particular line could be worn for as long as possibly desired. I do suppose you can now probably gather my fervour, which is why I will not make time to pick faves as yet –these things need studying you know. Until stock arrives in store, we will enjoy these campaign images and one small collage of details I fell in lust with.









2 thoughts on “CHILLS FOR IKKS’ NEXT.

  1. I just love the write up 🙌🙌👌👌 we love working with you as a brand ! Once the collection arrives on our shores you’ll be the first to know xoxo
    Merci becoup


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