MJ AND STUFF Street Style Crytal Kasper

You gotta love my kind of work. Sometimes (though not nearly often enough) the fashion world widens its rhinestone-encrusted bell-sleeved arms to identify and welcome an individual (collectives are yet to verify any sort of longevity) I could only describe as a rare and clear-cut style luminary. An industry oldie buddy of mine has a fascinating habit of obsessesing over the almost assured successes of these new-kids-on-the-blog-blocks and in the same breath of enthusiasm; she freaks out a little… inevitably. One such a lined-to-be-knighted stylopolitan is none other than the indisputably gorgeous Crystal Kasper of

Hers is a star that deservingly beams the brightest right now and from my regular interactions with her, themed with casual fashion missions –of course, I get it. Crystal is a lover of clothes, more so, a great lover of style. This comes out in the meticulous way she styles her own looks on her muchly adorable blog. I tell you, Crystal Kasper possess the rare most versatile of a gift when it comes to effortlessly putting together a stunning look with a super wide resource stream. The result of which is combo of raised brows and grin-worthy awesome feelz, succeeding a passionate yet nonchalant vibe.

Tomorrow marks the birth date of this mother, wife, all-round-rad human and a fashionpolitan whose position on our table is definite. In addition to wishing her a hugely successful year ahead –brimmed with everything she hopes for and so much more, I do hope to have done some sort of justice to her beauty and her #AllWhite steez these pics I shot just the other day.

South African Fashion Bloggers Crystal Kasper MJ AND STUFF

Crystal Kasper Street Style MJ AND STUFF

Do keep beaming, darling.

Do keep beaming, darling.



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