NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Have y’all been following the recently wrapped (and not short of topical) Australian Open?  Yeah, the tennis tournament? I have. Well, only via the Twitter streets because seriously, I have fashion missions, social interwebs and things to deal with on the daily basis. That said, I am all about paying homage to the sport sans an occasion and time to actually get to swing a racquet. Rationally; I resorted to a threads approach and right on time, as if fittingly cued; my PUMA fam happens to presently house a premium collection to match.

“…the PUMA Select Tennis Collection sees the Boris Becker OG make a welcome return as a key item amongst a full collection of rad apparel and accessories…” and boy did the bring it! The range enlivens PUMA’s eminent tennis category which ties in very well with the current fashion movement in seek for the next stage beyond the common “Sports Luxe” trend. The updated pair of Becker OG kicks, is finished in a rich leather with distinctly striking details and this makes it a definite collectors’ item.

NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

I am here for these kicks. #TrueStory

I am here for these kicks. #TrueStory

Fun fact:  to retain the authentic roots to brand’s archived timelessness; the campaign for this SS15 collection also stars the legendary Boris Becker’s son, Noah. Becoming relevant to everyone, including a streetwear consumer and a fashion enthusiast with an ability to construct a stylish outfit using separates.


NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

NY, Brooklyn Navy Yard

PUMA Served it.


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