Distraction by Bonang Matheba for Woolworths MJ AND STUFF

Aaah, the enchanting Valentines vibe is still very much in the air. You see, it would be purposeless of me to even suggest denying the patent fact that I am the hopelessly romantic kind. In the fluff thickened breath, I cannot help but want to throw back to bygone moments when great style dared to intersect with unquestionable sexiness.

I speak here of one of the exceptional fashion moments to possibly rival plenty exceptional fashion moments, when her royal fab-tasticness; Bonang Matheba delightfully commemorated the trend of observing underwear as outerwear and still uphold a transparent status of tout chic. Do pardon the tautology and take all the puns you want.


Not always easy to equilibrate, this sartorial quest. Some people can easily cliff all way off the trend reference, to a point where flesh is flashed all over the show. Reciprocal discomfort much!?! On the other hand, the whole idea could very well be lost in translation, leaving one resembling a costume-esque appearance. Totally unbecoming.

In these pics I snapped a whole year ago at the launch of her famed lingerie line –Distraction for Woolworths, Bonang nattily opted for an all-black ensemble and worked the proportioned use of texture to aptness. First: my all-time-favourite Fit vs Volume approach matched with the allure of lace alongside a pair of roomier pants tailored to skim just enough of the floor and expose both the high-enough heel and clear band of her shoes. This look resists period and still retains an ageless flair about it. Definitely one of my faves she has worn by far.

Bonang x Distraction x Woolworths x MJ AND STUFF


Bonang Matheba Distraction MJ AND STUFF



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