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I think I am in love. No, I think I know I am in love. This assertion could in part be because I am not the kind to recover from the Valentines’ Day merriments. Whatever the cause, in my blistering head; this wistful love story stars me, a Kat Van Duinen woman and of course, her Autum Winter 2015 wardrobe. She is near-perfect I tell you. As per the newly published lookbook (a rational follow-up to the #SAFW premiere), in addition to her incontestable mystique, this tall, lithe and poised human/character/woman/person is swathed with in luxurious furs draped over her stunning frame. see? Wonderful!

Kat Van Duinen Lookbok AW 2015

Kat van Duinen has been slayin’ the fashion streets since 2010 –yes, I used “slay” because social media links have been having me in all sorts of ways these days; I have even become something of an expert at using #Hashtags to communicate a full paragraph. Spastic and all. Anywho, as I was sayin’ Kat van Duinen has been slaying the fashion game since 2010 with her eponymous brand increasingly gaining momentum in the chic graded luxury lane and captivatingly balancing the ever so insatiable fashion demands. All whilst fully committed to an ethical approach. This campaign for the A-W ‘15 collection is verification cut to please the eye. And believably, the wearer too.

Kat van Duinen lookbook 1

This KVD woman’s tale goes: Beads glint and glimmer as they catch the light, like frost sprinkled on bare trees. All around you is black –winter has taken its icy brush and washed everything in its cold, ebony hue. Feathers pointed, stiff –crown models (i.e. the wearer) with the feeling of icicles, stopped in their tracks by the season’s chill. Sable feathers flow throughout the collection –an ode to the picture of the crows lining fences and stark branches gazing out across a cold, barren land hauntingly still… frozen. Glistering classy organza overlays catch your eye, hinting of frozen lakes and water stopped in time by a gelid winter’s morning. How can anyone not fall crazy over heels for this human in this setting? I just secretly want her skull crystal embellished over coat. #ThereISaidIt

A piece after my heart!

A piece after my heart!

Kat van Duinen AW 2015 Lookbook

KVD Lookbook AW 2015

Kat van Duinen AW 2015 as seen at SAFW

KVD AW 2015 Lookbook




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