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I am not sure who is to receive glory for the age-old adage propagating the idea of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. True claim this, but what becomes of gorgeousness so irrefutable, it deserves displays of a pretty high honour? Better yet, how about the type of pageantry that is open to interconnect such beauty with brains, great health and non-questionable relevance? These are just some of the values carried by the Miss Veet SA pageant and I have had the pleasure of brunching with the ten finalists competing for this year’s coveted title. And yes, we squeezed in a bit of shopping too.

Miss.Veet@Rosebank MJ AND STUFF 05

I know this might dial up the cheese factor, but after interacting with these ten young ladies, I too believe that adjudicating this contest cannot possibly be an easy deed. Every single one of them possesses a unique quality; charm, ambition and a certain dimension of strength that could very well appear a tad atypical. For example; Alyssa Cole’s curiosity has her balancing a thriving modelling career with plans to study for a second qualification, whilst clutching a Bachelors Degree in Communication Sciences and Business Management. Or, Drey-Andra Otto, the former Miss Teen Namibia (2011) whose farm girl background (she can drive a truck) completely gels well with the appeal of having been a performer for as long as she can remember. Former Miss Teen South Africa (2008), Kopano Mocwane can definitely master the art of allure, yet somehow she shows off this quality with a great sense of modesty, it is no wonder she aims to work behind the scenes with the entertainment industry.  The tragic end to an east coast born and bred Meghan Orbenholzer’s career as a ballerina sees her embracing this participation as a wise step to nurture a prospect profession. At only 20 years of age, Samantha Pascoe has learnt to put forward, the very best of her traits as an all-time Jozi gal and passions which seem to guide her in the veterinarian direction in the future. Hughnique Cawood is about to obtain a Masters Degree in Chiropractic studies is keen to merge her zeal for health care with a great love for the Veet brand. According to Melissa Margiera; Five words to best describe herself include spontaneous, outspoken, enthusiastic, Friendly and talkative.  Hape Moloi’s spot in the top ten signifies work of a favouring universe as she almost did not make the cut, yet she moves closer to her ultimate goal of managing NGO facilities right after finishing her Strategic Corporate Communications qualification.  Olorato Major is no stranger to the spotlight. Having worked within the television industry and modelling industry for a while now, and, a stellar academic record to match her well travelled status; this beauty is ready for a worldly takeover. If I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be the magnetic Odirile Sepeng. Purely because I got to spend a bit more time with her, shopping for shoes and bags and nice things at the Sissy Boy accessories store. In addition to an abundant dose of whim, she is a BCom Law student whose passions stretch to include dissecting visual art, an active lifestyle, youth empowerment among plenty more. I am glad I got to have connected with her.

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 Miss.Veet@Rosebank- MJ AND STUFF 03

The gals are currently undergoing a series of fun and empowering challenges- as part of the prep-process for when Miss Veet 2015 will be crowned in a couple of weeks.  #Excited much?

The gals are currently undergoing a series of fun and empowering challenges- as part of the prep-process for when Miss Veet 2015 will be crowned in a couple of weeks.  #Excited much?



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