Sorbet Daily Skin Polish MJA ND STUFF

This here doubles as my #MadeUpModay pick and an everyday #IOT. I came to discover Sorbet’s awesome Daily Skin Polish Powder last November at the brand’s skin show and I have had by far, the most sensational of relationships with it.

Contrary to popular belief, I hardly ever do much for my skin these days (devastatingly detrimental) except maybe an odd oxygen facial when I have the time, and the three step regime when my day happens to wrap like normal people and the ever so trusted invention of tinted moisturiser has come in very handy for the need to camouflage the great hassle caused by blemishes.  Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder has become my absolute favourite and from using it every single day, my friends (and everyone who dares to give me time of day) get to understand why it is very high in my recommendation list.

I could go on and on about the brilliant benefits of this amazing product, but the less usage of filters with each Instagram post is a worthy testimony, I think.  –which makes me think; do we have sensibly regulated awards for these things!?! Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder would wallop the whole lot. True Story!


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