Ready and steady, we have moved on and are settled in the new #MJANDSTUFF home. Let it be known that I have zero intentions to neither shut nor fade out this here original abode for the great relationship we have nursed so well over the past half-a-decade or so. We have now progressed onto WWW.MJANDSTUFF.COM! This here page will stay hyperlinked all the time as it houses an important evolution of all of our fashion journey. The move is just the sensible next step for me and to try and tailor-make my content.

See you on the flip side!

See you on the flip side!






House of Diva Bubble Dress at Burgundy Fly

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a tad M.I.A in these streets of now late. Okay maybe a lot M.I.A in these streets and for this, pangs of guilt continue to have their wicked ways with me. I have however, not gone easy on fashioning missions and am working on a plan to equally #SERVE all these rad spheres. Much like the recurring tale of my life; great loves of mine prove to ring for a re-run, ever so often (thy mind shall reside not in the gutter)… yes, ladies and the most gentle of gentlemen; I seem to have taken to nursing quite a number of styling projects.

It feels all sorts of good to make a return to dealing threads at this level. I hadn’t really sworn off duties to skilfully gather clothing and bags and accessories and working together with brilliant teams of fellow stylopilitans and the oh-so-incredible thrill of watching it all piece up and taking something of a stylish shape. If anything, I feel that even though I have (during intermission periods) communicated my fashion ways through mediums poles apart, the course remained strong. I live for it!

South African Fashion Stylist Mahlatse James

In these pics, I was tasked with contributing to a series of catalogue spreads for one of the most amazing (seriously, AMAZING) retailers of local fashion; Burgundy Fly and I got to link-up with a talented team whose madcap friendship I would not trade for anything. I just happen to have love-LOVE-loved fussing over this stunning bubble dress by House of Diva.

Mahlatse James Styling the Burgundy Fly catalogue

Burgundy Fly Catalogue Styled by Mahlatse James

Stylist Mahlatse James

Whilst holding  it down on the styling front alongside the abundantly talented Tsholo Mothibi on snap session duty, with such a remarkable face-beat by Tsholo Ramashala of Make-up Couture, hair hooked-up by Bongani and the gorgeous Khanya Mlilo as the adorable model.  Big-ups to the Burgundy Fly team on set too; Dolly and Nhlanhla.

Be not alarmed dear ones, as much as I now spend a heck lot of my time in studious or setting up at an odd location; this here blog will be cared for with just as much verve and attention.

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*



Traffic Live Winter Launch MJ AND STUFF

Traffic Live has been serving serious fashions all over the streets of Cape Town since 2004. This past Monday, a relevant crowd witnessed a re-birth of the label and were treated to a fashion showcase of ready to retail winter ranges. The event was attended by The Mother City’s who’s who, dressed top to toe in their finest fashions. Traffic Live promises this rebranding to signal a new direction –complete with a new logo and noticeable changes in stores throughout the year. Here I have picked my top 5 trends as designed by Gareth Botha and fresh off the runway. Good news is; these are BANG on trend and ready to purchase as in now!



With Camo print being this winter’s uniform, Traffic Live took it right back to the basics and brought in olive green fabrics alongside chunky knits, touches of leather and hints of canvas to round up a full trend.



Forget colour blocking for a bit. The retailer suggests that this season, we should block an array of neutrals. Think blush pinks and sand tones made conversational with studs and sequins. The new nudes are far from boring!




A great part of the streets comes alive in the night time. Traffic Live’s contribution came very clear in a collection of embellished black and gold items. Talk about interconnecting a timelessly chic shade with a dosage of glam.



Incorporating active marks in one’s daily wardrobe is utterly necessary. Sports luxe has been so well received since stepping off leading runways a while ago and this season translates a wearable vibe. Pick a sport and decide what you take from it.



This season’s biggest contending trend is the newly lauded monochrome. Traffic Live adopted berry tones and played with an exciting assortment of textures to bring it afore. This is one styling technique that is the easiest to achieve.
Now you know what to look forward to when you step into Traffic Live stores.

Pics by SDR Photos.


South African Fashion Week 2013

Local fashion is buzzing loudest about this week’s highly anticipated merriments. #SAFW has made a discernible mark as a premier presentation platform for South African designers. This cabal not only celebrates proper fashion creativity, it also has major focus on arming these designers with great business acumen to carry further beyond their showmanship skills. I’m happy to share that I will be sharing my views and thoughts from an accredited position throughout the five-day-long event.  Be sure to follow reviews right here and via my Twitter handle @Mahlatsej and also the official SA Fashion Week handle @SAFashionWeek.



Check the designer schedule and wait to marvel at gorgeous Spring/Summer 2013 collections.



Stefalux Jewellery

The “month of love” means so many different things to different people to some, (myself included) it means gifts. To a few, it has that should-totally-be-celebrated holiday-ish feel about in (I am somewhere in there too) and the rest, well…nobody really cares about the rest. A very palpable example of this is in every mall, market stall and fashion pages in a magazine around this time, every year.  I couldn’t help it. I gave in. yes, I gave into this unrecognisable (yet totally fabulous) gist in the air which seems to always bring fragile romantics like me down to our knees and enthusiastically embrace everything in the name of this crazy little thing called LOVE. My love is physical, chic and so very proudly South African. I have all kinds of crushes on Steffi Varoli’s minimalistic Stefalux jewels available at . Not only are these items handmade in Cape Town, but each piece is classic, luxurious and very unique in design. I personally love that when trying to achieve this minimalistic feel, the brand did not compromise top quality -Steffi happens to have studdied luxury brand management in Florance, Italy. I am not asking for much, all I need is two pieces from this line in my life… for valentine of course! ring ring AND STUFF - Peace ring white


Gaschette Cover MJ AND STUFF

Before you read further, please note that I have never understood that whole (most likely) disdainful “they grow up so fast”, thrown droopily each time a brandy-huffing aunt feels the need to make nice with an audience. That being said, a few days ago when news broke that the awe-inspiring rad folks at Gaschette blog are working on an online magazine, a strange fluid formula framed my eye sockets. So very silly of me. A few hours ago when the magazine went live, I adopted a perfect conversation starter for the coming few outings. is by far, the only thing I am interested in talking about.

From the 90's with Rips!

From the 90’s with Rips!

Super-duper cool as that is, the launch issue is themed around all the cool bits of the 1990’s with “Vile Irony” as the headline. And…erm, I too featured in a stunning portrait session titled Young Blood, alongside some of Joziburg’s most ill creatives geared up in our 90’s threads. It ain’t cool, no. this here is a jump-over-a-spiked-wire-wall-to-slap-a-bad-stylist-with-a-can-firece kind of rad.

POW-POW, I say!

POW-POW, I say!

Please do enjoy the images from the magazine page produced by Jess Lupton. Photographed by Steve Marais, MUA Peter Serton. We’re all kicking it hard with masks  by Gawie Joubert, Tzvi Karp and Collin O’Mara Davis.

Gaschette Magazine

Gaschetteyoungblood-layout81 youngblood-layout71

Spotted: Girl wearing Henry!

Mr Price Henry Holand

By now every second person and their BFF must have seen this (lead pic) awesome t-shirt from Mr Price. I’ve been going crazy shooting pictures of everyone I see in the streets wearing it –so many styling avenues I tell you! The image used here of a lass whose name I do not know but I followed her like a crazy hawk all night long at a LISOF gig and I just love that she was so very unaware of this pic being taken.

Henry Holand for MR PRICE

Back to the Tee, you should also know by now that the incredible Henry Holland has designed a line of skippas in collaboration with Mr Price and with every purchase of each, R10 goes to the much deserving Red Cap Foundation. Henry hooked up an array of his famed runway designs from a few seasons (the current SS2013 colourful houndstooth movement included –I die for it), some boasting House of Holland’s iconic slogans, rad prints, some were all about the Disco Leopard and a T from Fashion’s A to Z. Mr Price currently trades these few House of Holland pieces joining in an impressive an roster of international premium stockists including Browns Focus, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Colette and Opening Ceremony, so you know this is a MAJOR affiliation. I also got to meet Henry when the collection was first revealed to fashion media peeps and I got a sense that his focus is of a large personality with a perfect outlet loved by all. I could dare stretch it and claim that his fashion always gets me, Personally would love to own a few more HOH for Mr P –totally working on bulding up a rail wink-wink.

So next time you spot a girl wearing Henry Holland design, do theright thing on my facebook page!

Feeling on that Wayuu Mochila!

Joya did it again bringing in a new line of bags so fabulous they fit in very well with the brand’s signature inspiration around the mother land’s colourful energy. Joya’s Vicky and Daphne Fenner recently travelled to La Guajira Peninsula in Northern Columbia and Northwest Venezuela to bring back Wayuu Mochila bags –THE hottest accessory of the season. These bags are handmade and each takes about one month to weave. I too, am making plans to obtain one of these one-of-a-kind iconic tribal bag and as phrased by American Elle magazine’s fashion and news director, Anne Slowey, who wouldn’t want “a perfect mix of practical, exotic and chic”

The limited edition Wyuu Mochila bags currently retail for R1500 and are available on order from and Balu Legacy in Claremont, Cape Town,


Serve thy Vintage addiction!!

You have to be really ignorant to miss the current clout around vintage fashion. MSC Boutique has recognised the need to bring fine-looking old school clothing items to incorporate in your wardrobe and they are doing this in a major form. For one day and one day only, this coming Saturday the 3rd of November 2012, customers will be treated to a full afternoon of vintage shopping in their Melville store.  I invite you to join in and purchase these carefully sourced pieces to infuse much needed nostalgia in your summer wardrobe.