Ready and steady, we have moved on and are settled in the new #MJANDSTUFF home. Let it be known that I have zero intentions to neither shut nor fade out this here original abode for the great relationship we have nursed so well over the past half-a-decade or so. We have now progressed onto WWW.MJANDSTUFF.COM! This here page will stay hyperlinked all the time as it houses an important evolution of all of our fashion journey. The move is just the sensible next step for me and to try and tailor-make my content.

See you on the flip side!

See you on the flip side!






MJ AND STUFF Street style 02

No idea who she was. Not sure if I even got to ask for her name and I may or may not have creeped the jeepers out of her a bit when I unceremoniously yanked out my cam and aimed for her, right in the middle of a street, on a rather busy day in Braamfontein. All because I spotted the startling faux fur detail on her leatherette sling bag -Lady lovers her skin game alright. Yep, I went an caught a full set of feelings for the carrier and much like a habitual quintessential blogger bloke, I thought it sensible to share.  You are most welcome. Now for the hunt… do pardon the pun, I simply meant the search for anything remotely close to this piece and of course, just as environmentally safe!

mj and stuff street style 01




#FACT: A one-piece day is a good day per my observation. Be it a delicately detailed and dressier jumpsuit version as worn by Miss Eda Rose or a street style relevant leather dungie as done major justice by the darling Miss Mantsoe Pout, I am always all set to cheer up the wearer of a “onsie”.  And, no, my raison d’être for having picked these images of these charming young ladies is not completely based on their decision to #WERQ the heck out of a black ensemble. Well, not entirely.

Y’all know I am a huge fan of these vibes.

MJ AND STUFF Street Style Mantsoe Pout

Eda Rose MJ AND STUFF Street Style


MJ AND STUFF x Trevor Stuurman Fashion Moment SA Menwear Week

There is just no way to speak about Trevor Stuurman and not marvel at the impressive career this youngin’ seems to have carved for himself. The blogger-come-social-media-darling kid keeps winning industry hearts and it is no secret that I too dare claim to be among the besotted followers of his remarkable missions. For someone who appears to put an equal measure of striking presence behind and afore the scenes; Trevor has finally served to stylopolitans’ forever peeled eyes with a #FashionMonent that will go down in history as a strong verification of his position on fashion’s vacillating table.

The noteworthy fashion moment I speak of had me in an intense state of excitement (no jokes), the minute he shared a pic on Instagram a little over ten days ago. Self-styled to filth (totally a good thing) during the sophomore SA Menswear Week, @Trevor_Struurman gave me a look expressly themed within settled ethereal tones and played with fluidly tailored lines, all whilst nailing a fit sensible for a nomadic spirit. This signifies just where he is in his life/career right now -every bit a jet-setter, informed and of course overflowing with personality.

When we all knew!

When we all knew!

Trevor Stuurman Details MJ AND STUFF

Trevor Stuurman x MJ AND STUFF Street Style

Everyone deserves a notable fashion moment and this here was Trevor’s and my-oh-my what a moment it was!!



Distraction by Bonang Matheba for Woolworths MJ AND STUFF

Aaah, the enchanting Valentines vibe is still very much in the air. You see, it would be purposeless of me to even suggest denying the patent fact that I am the hopelessly romantic kind. In the fluff thickened breath, I cannot help but want to throw back to bygone moments when great style dared to intersect with unquestionable sexiness.

I speak here of one of the exceptional fashion moments to possibly rival plenty exceptional fashion moments, when her royal fab-tasticness; Bonang Matheba delightfully commemorated the trend of observing underwear as outerwear and still uphold a transparent status of tout chic. Do pardon the tautology and take all the puns you want.


Not always easy to equilibrate, this sartorial quest. Some people can easily cliff all way off the trend reference, to a point where flesh is flashed all over the show. Reciprocal discomfort much!?! On the other hand, the whole idea could very well be lost in translation, leaving one resembling a costume-esque appearance. Totally unbecoming.

In these pics I snapped a whole year ago at the launch of her famed lingerie line –Distraction for Woolworths, Bonang nattily opted for an all-black ensemble and worked the proportioned use of texture to aptness. First: my all-time-favourite Fit vs Volume approach matched with the allure of lace alongside a pair of roomier pants tailored to skim just enough of the floor and expose both the high-enough heel and clear band of her shoes. This look resists period and still retains an ageless flair about it. Definitely one of my faves she has worn by far.

Bonang x Distraction x Woolworths x MJ AND STUFF


Bonang Matheba Distraction MJ AND STUFF



MJ AND STUFF Street Style Crytal Kasper

You gotta love my kind of work. Sometimes (though not nearly often enough) the fashion world widens its rhinestone-encrusted bell-sleeved arms to identify and welcome an individual (collectives are yet to verify any sort of longevity) I could only describe as a rare and clear-cut style luminary. An industry oldie buddy of mine has a fascinating habit of obsessesing over the almost assured successes of these new-kids-on-the-blog-blocks and in the same breath of enthusiasm; she freaks out a little… inevitably. One such a lined-to-be-knighted stylopolitan is none other than the indisputably gorgeous Crystal Kasper of

Hers is a star that deservingly beams the brightest right now and from my regular interactions with her, themed with casual fashion missions –of course, I get it. Crystal is a lover of clothes, more so, a great lover of style. This comes out in the meticulous way she styles her own looks on her muchly adorable blog. I tell you, Crystal Kasper possess the rare most versatile of a gift when it comes to effortlessly putting together a stunning look with a super wide resource stream. The result of which is combo of raised brows and grin-worthy awesome feelz, succeeding a passionate yet nonchalant vibe.

Tomorrow marks the birth date of this mother, wife, all-round-rad human and a fashionpolitan whose position on our table is definite. In addition to wishing her a hugely successful year ahead –brimmed with everything she hopes for and so much more, I do hope to have done some sort of justice to her beauty and her #AllWhite steez these pics I shot just the other day.

South African Fashion Bloggers Crystal Kasper MJ AND STUFF

Crystal Kasper Street Style MJ AND STUFF

Do keep beaming, darling.

Do keep beaming, darling.



TJ wearing a Kaftan on MJ AND STUFF

The rainy week here in J-Sec has my system in a fully confused mode. I mean, just the other day I was slithering into a nearing holiday mood and almost giving into the excitement of never-ending missions in the heat. None of this gloom. That said; I am far from coming short on the optimism front, not with my reference board reflecting all things awesome. For example, these images I took of my faah-bulous friend; TJ clad in a floor-length marvel of a kaftan, signalling relaxation on a scale grander than I’ve ever seen. I am almost tempted to willingly swear the flowsy direction into piecing summer wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want to serve a “haute in the scorching streets of Abu Dhabi” type of look, whilst on holiday? Not only does TJ appear crazily comfortable in this number, there is just something about a kaftan of this remarkable length that just reflects an elegant understanding of style. I say #YAY to the kaftan now, #YAY to the kaftan next and #YAY to the kaftan forever.

MJ AND STUFF South African Street Style

Now can this rain just wrap it up already!?!



Radley London- Grosvenor Medium Flapover Shoulder Bag at Stuttafords. MJ AND STUFF

I am always on the run. Like, literally! Okay, maybe not anything like Julia Roberts as Maggie Carpenter in that late 90’s hit of a movie. More like an individual whose entire existence has to balance a life constantly on the move and have to have many of my tools of trade with me at all times -thus my predestined crush on Radley London’s Grosvenor Medium Flapover Shoulder bag. Coming straight out of an attraction to sling bags bigger than big (because trust me, size doesn’t necessarily mean that things come easier to find – lesson I learned hesitantly) I am open to open to a stylish change of a reasonable size and this right here, may just be IT!

 With classic craftsmanship and beautiful, naturally grained Harwood leather coupled with grosgrain lining at its core, the Grosvenor Medium Flapover Shoulder Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and a full flap with magnetic closure. All the partitioned compartments inside and on the exterior of the bag are just enough to have all the necessities placed in an organised manner –like a grown-ass-human would.

An added bonus is a known fact that in its stylish and relaxed design, the sling bag is having a huge moment as the most versatile bag to have right now.  One can be worn with almost everything really.

The Grosvenor Medium Flapover Shoulder bag is available at Stuttafords stores nationwide.



MJ AND STUFF Charmaine Plaatjie

I have just had a fun, funny and fab conversation with a bunch of total strangers.  Fashion talks have become something of a commonality whenever I find myself kraaled in with people whose surnames I do not know and although I do not know the precise motive for this, I have rounded it down to two (or more) of the most likely reasons; one: my ungraspable affinity for topical bits and bops when I concentrate on self-styling missions. Two: the fact that I almost always invite myself into eavesdropped thread-themed dialogues. And three: well, I am kind of not too bad at unanticipated party tricks, #Don’tAsk. Whichever it was, one of these raison d’êtres put me in the centre of a steaming conversation about Glamour. -Such a formless word and an even more indistinguishable task to tackle whilst guzzling down bottles and bottles of fruit-flavoured-fizz-less cider.  I am not going to get into specific details of our mouth-colouring session (because I simply cannot, for the love of me ill-quote the darling strangers) but my position in it was -and still is- very clear. For me, Glamour is as much in the clothes as it is in the individual who best extends the appeal of their wardrobe choices. In essence, it can be anyone wearing anything really. I do not think Glamour is cast in stone, if anything, fresh approaches to dressing-up hold better clout than working so darn hard to achieve a look that’s been perfected by somebody else. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate “classic” shapes and pieces like the next hemline-obsessed bloke but referencing a period DOES NOT exemplify glam quite like the seemingly rare moments when one’s personality is consumed in character.  A perfect example for my case is my dearest styled-to-sickness friend in these pics Charmaine Plaatjie who swivels to the beat of her own festooned drum. Not a lot of people accessorize as beautifully as Char does and she does this with great poise and a legit understanding of proportions. This here proves that per my modest standard, Char meets my understanding of relevant glamour. See the many splashes of regal rusty and feminine gold elements styled alongside the definite chic combo of Le Skirt and Tee and a casually flung leather bicker.

Charmaine Plaatjie MJ AND STUFF

No questions about it. Glamour lives right here with this bae.

No questions about it. Glamour lives right here with this bae.



Kwena Baloyi MJ AND STUFF

Headwraps are still such a hit. Who would have thunk it? I stand sturdily for this assertion, more than ever if floods of private messaging through my social media interactions are anything to go by. You may or may not have missed that I recently resurrected my kinship for knotting rounds and rounds of exotic print fabrics on my head –assuming that our relations stream through instagram feeds too. A grand part of it is purely because bad hair days keep having the better of me and among many less amusing reasons; I get to score extra points for updating my look with fresh headgear. The indistinct shapes in which I wrap these crazy long pieces of fabrics had me thinking about these rad pics of the darling leader of the street style pack, Kwena Baloyi working with her own cute lime green top-head-knot and phographed by c’est mois a little while ago. I could name many-a-reason to why I fell crazy in love with the skilful way she integrated the seemingly “weighty” headwrap into her choice of street style-esque outfit, but almost everything I say would likely centre on the fact that she managed to style in pieces with unquestionably regal and feminine references over casual basics.  #TrueStory


MJ AND STUFF Kwena Baloyi