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I stand for hydration right now like I ain’t never stood for hydration before. I have even gone as far as invading strangers’ conversations about grooming and go on lengthily about the importance of hydration in everyone’s process of taking-care-of-thyself.  This week, I am going crazy for The A Cream. The firming active body cream with a promise to fastrack one’s skin to fitness.

So very necessary right now –because we all know how our skin stands an unfair chance of thriving against seasonal interchanges. In addition to locking in the much needed moisture, an assortment of ingredients in the A Cream also restore elasticity and firmness.

The A-Cream Lotion MJ AND STUFF #MadeUpMonday



MJ AND STUFF La Prairie Made Up Monday

I hereby declare that I have now become one with individuals who start their (perhaps our) sentences with “people our age”. Very unaffected, I say this proudly because I never run out of reasons to throw some knowledge on some of the best products partly responsible for people gushing  in disbelieve of my actual age. Right now, I am all about La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Response Booster.

The booster is designed to work from within to build up the skin’s surface layer and create a smooth, line-free appearance in just two weeks. I am a little obsessed here. Because it is NEVER too early to start fixing stuff up – a little lesson I have learnt from my dermatologist lady. The beauty of the product is that it is formulated for men and women of all ages.

One definitely needs to find a solid way to keep one’s aunts out of one’s bathroom cabinets.  #Just Saying

One definitely needs to find a solid way to keep one’s aunts out of one’s bathroom cabinets. #Just Saying

La Prairie’s commitment to pushing the envelope to find the rarest, most beneficial ingredients is evident in the serum’s list of ingredients that includes plankton extract harvested in Brittany, France; silver vine extract from East Asia; and doses of ginger and liquorice. The result is a light-weight, silky smooth, low-viscosity gel serum

The other best part about La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster is that the serum has been formulated to use everyday as part of skincare routine.

I am for it, and so is my skin.


Sorbet Daily Skin Polish MJA ND STUFF

This here doubles as my #MadeUpModay pick and an everyday #IOT. I came to discover Sorbet’s awesome Daily Skin Polish Powder last November at the brand’s skin show and I have had by far, the most sensational of relationships with it.

Contrary to popular belief, I hardly ever do much for my skin these days (devastatingly detrimental) except maybe an odd oxygen facial when I have the time, and the three step regime when my day happens to wrap like normal people and the ever so trusted invention of tinted moisturiser has come in very handy for the need to camouflage the great hassle caused by blemishes.  Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder has become my absolute favourite and from using it every single day, my friends (and everyone who dares to give me time of day) get to understand why it is very high in my recommendation list.

I could go on and on about the brilliant benefits of this amazing product, but the less usage of filters with each Instagram post is a worthy testimony, I think.  –which makes me think; do we have sensibly regulated awards for these things!?! Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder would wallop the whole lot. True Story!


MJ AND STUFF Africology Shaving Kit

The beard period is certainly proving to sustain beyond what was once the centre of anti-hipster jokes expressed loosely with gasps. I for one am for it right now and the exciting measures employed to care for one’s facial hair. Sensibly, I too have been taking fewer trips to the barber this winter and have discovered Africology’s Limited Edition Shave kit as a just the thing to help rally round looking fresh.

 I absolutely love the whole three step system I have coordinated with these products.

First: the cleansing gel, designed to cleanse without drying my skin (ain’t nobody got time to be ashy in this cold). This gel contains quillaja extract and soapwort, which are naturally mild cleansing and foaming agents. This keeps my skin remained firmed and stimulated. Seaweed extracts maintains the skin’s health while smoothing and moisturizing

Secondly: the shave cream which takes the scrapes and cuts out of shaving (goodbye razor bumps!). The deeply moisturizing cream provides a smoother shave with Shea butter and coconut oil, leaving my skin feeling super soft. Shea butter has a natural SPF of 7, which provides further protection against the sun.

Thirdly: the beard balm. I am very new into the practice of balming my facial hairs but I am sold. Africology’s smooth Beard Balm is made with a proprietary blend of all natural essential oils and helps condition and softens the beard whilst taming split ends. –done with the itching caused by new growth and stray hairs.

This set is an absolute necessity right now. a perfect Father’s Day gifting option. Even to self –even if you are growing your own. Hook it up HERE.


SAMSUNG CSCSHE WON!!! That was my gleeful expression followed by a premature wolf whistle, slash short-lived-ululating, when former Miss SA –Melinda Bam, announced the crowning of Odirile Sepeng as Miss Veet 2015. I am not one to claim that I called it, but… -Y’all know I did. And I caught five with her, right after the crowning. Naturally!

Odirile Sepeng Miss Veet 2015 MJ AND STUFF

MJ: Congratulations and all the cool things. You’ve got to tell me how it feels and stuff.

Odirile Sepeng: it is so surreal; I am kind of looking forward to all of this to sink in. As much as this was the goal, it is all so dreamlike right now.

MJ: I can only imagine… tell me, what does any of this, mean to you? I mean, considering that you are a law student who has just bagged the coveted Miss Veet 2015 title?

OS:  Oh, it all gels in, really. I mean, I know now more than ever that determination and motivation can transcend adversity. I came into this competition to learn and absorb as much as I could, in order to be a better version of myself, whether in a professional or personal capacity. Not only have I marked those off my “check-list” I now get to represent one of the most beautiful of brands. It’s all very humbling.


MJ: What went into prepping for all this? You appeared pretty chilled throughout.

OS: In my head, the mere thought of having made it through our (the finalists) challenges, rendered me triumphant. Just as I thought nothing could possibly trump the other, the next level proved to be even more awesome. There is just no way could I claim to have done all the prep work all by myself, I only had to arm myself with an open mind and all the enthusiasm as I could master.

MJ: let’s reel in the younger version of you. Could she have prepped for this any differently?

OS: Oh, I doubt that very much. That will of course depend on how far back we are talking here. As a young woman, I barely have my head wrapped around the concept of adulthood and all its trials. Thankfully, with this title comes the great benefit of having all my mentors at my disposal, so I will take full advantage of that. The younger me would not even have thought of this as a prospect, I also hope to avail myself to young girls and perhaps help propel their varied goals.


MJ:  Lastly; what comes hereafter?

OS: The world is definitely my oyster and I am already bouncing around a couple of ideas to make the best of this reign. I would love to claim that the best is yet to come, but speaking as a person who just got crowned less than a hour ago, I am thrilled for whatever feeling comes after this.


The rarity of Odirile’s brand does not come unnoticed. Talk about quintessential beauty with a brain and enthusiasm to match. This here will be a beautiful reign. I am just super excited to see her grow beyond measure.



Miss.Veet@Rosebank MJ AND STUFF 01

I am not sure who is to receive glory for the age-old adage propagating the idea of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. True claim this, but what becomes of gorgeousness so irrefutable, it deserves displays of a pretty high honour? Better yet, how about the type of pageantry that is open to interconnect such beauty with brains, great health and non-questionable relevance? These are just some of the values carried by the Miss Veet SA pageant and I have had the pleasure of brunching with the ten finalists competing for this year’s coveted title. And yes, we squeezed in a bit of shopping too.

Miss.Veet@Rosebank MJ AND STUFF 05

I know this might dial up the cheese factor, but after interacting with these ten young ladies, I too believe that adjudicating this contest cannot possibly be an easy deed. Every single one of them possesses a unique quality; charm, ambition and a certain dimension of strength that could very well appear a tad atypical. For example; Alyssa Cole’s curiosity has her balancing a thriving modelling career with plans to study for a second qualification, whilst clutching a Bachelors Degree in Communication Sciences and Business Management. Or, Drey-Andra Otto, the former Miss Teen Namibia (2011) whose farm girl background (she can drive a truck) completely gels well with the appeal of having been a performer for as long as she can remember. Former Miss Teen South Africa (2008), Kopano Mocwane can definitely master the art of allure, yet somehow she shows off this quality with a great sense of modesty, it is no wonder she aims to work behind the scenes with the entertainment industry.  The tragic end to an east coast born and bred Meghan Orbenholzer’s career as a ballerina sees her embracing this participation as a wise step to nurture a prospect profession. At only 20 years of age, Samantha Pascoe has learnt to put forward, the very best of her traits as an all-time Jozi gal and passions which seem to guide her in the veterinarian direction in the future. Hughnique Cawood is about to obtain a Masters Degree in Chiropractic studies is keen to merge her zeal for health care with a great love for the Veet brand. According to Melissa Margiera; Five words to best describe herself include spontaneous, outspoken, enthusiastic, Friendly and talkative.  Hape Moloi’s spot in the top ten signifies work of a favouring universe as she almost did not make the cut, yet she moves closer to her ultimate goal of managing NGO facilities right after finishing her Strategic Corporate Communications qualification.  Olorato Major is no stranger to the spotlight. Having worked within the television industry and modelling industry for a while now, and, a stellar academic record to match her well travelled status; this beauty is ready for a worldly takeover. If I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be the magnetic Odirile Sepeng. Purely because I got to spend a bit more time with her, shopping for shoes and bags and nice things at the Sissy Boy accessories store. In addition to an abundant dose of whim, she is a BCom Law student whose passions stretch to include dissecting visual art, an active lifestyle, youth empowerment among plenty more. I am glad I got to have connected with her.

Miss.Veet@Rosebank MJ AND STUFF 04

 Miss.Veet@Rosebank- MJ AND STUFF 03

The gals are currently undergoing a series of fun and empowering challenges- as part of the prep-process for when Miss Veet 2015 will be crowned in a couple of weeks.  #Excited much?

The gals are currently undergoing a series of fun and empowering challenges- as part of the prep-process for when Miss Veet 2015 will be crowned in a couple of weeks.  #Excited much?


Africology Grow Your Mo Campaign MJ AND STUFF

There is so much certainty to the concept of living and learning. Not that the theory has ever came doubted by me, if anything, it is my testament. Exhibit A:  I have just gone through most part of this month dedicated to observing people’s responses whenever anyone mentions their proud involvement with the #Movember drive to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer pandemics. From this, I have learnt a couple of things; one: a totally rad way to exterminate possible awkward moments with anyone, anywhere in the world right now. Two: the fact that participation seems to widen with every annual campaign is awe-inspiring beyond imaginable and can only suggest a piqued interest in nearing relief. With all the growing moustaches all over the place, it makes absolute sense that one looks into the right grooming products from Africology –a leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company.i mean, we can’t just be carelessly growing ‘taches here. My pick is none-other than Africology Skin Hydrating oil which contains natural plant extracts chosen for their ability to soften, hydrate and even repair.

 Africology Skin Hydrating Oil_30ml MJ AND STUFF

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and there is just something about the ideal unification ingredients like Chamomile, South African geranium, Rosehip, Jojoba, Jasmine, Neroli, Lime, Marula, Aloe, Grapeseed and Frankincense that just does a whole of good for one’s facial hair.

In this spirit of excitement, I am feeling a tad generous and would like to gift one of you, dearest awesome readers with (30ml) Skin Hydrating oil from Africology valued at R254.00. All you have to do is share your mo with me via the facebook page over HERE, drop me a cool pic and who knows, you may be walking away with the rad product.


Good luck and #WERQ


When purchasing the Skin Hydrating oil, Africology will donate a portion of the sales made to the Movember foundation.



I feel that before I go further into this week’s #MadeUpMonday post, even with the obviousness of the headline; I should share yet another little known #FACT about me; I am a self-declared leg man. Ask no questions. Hear no lies. Do try to not get deep about it, for I am at peace with this actuality. I dare unearth this info known only to my close circle because in-case you have missed it; the well renowned search for the coming year’s Miss Veet is currently underway. The wide invitation for lady-people keen to affiliate with the top quality hair removal brand began on the 10th of last month and will be wrapping up on the coming Wednesday (22/10/14), so there are still a few hours to enter.

Here is how:  first, do head on to the official site over HERE and make sure to have an appealing full length image of yourself plus a head shot in addition to entering your personal information. It is essential that suitable entrants should at least be between the ages of 18 and 25 and must team their matchless confidence in being a Veet Ambassador with captivating grace, an ability to inspire other young women with their natural beauty, plus a sociable appeal.

There are many-many reasons to zealously partake in this contest and these here below are just a few to add on the awesomeness.

  • The top 10 girls from around the country will be flown to the luxurious Veet Vila where they will spend a few days under thorough guidance from the Veet ambassadors, successful fashion and beauty experts and celebrity guests.
  • They will all get to enjoy mentoring sessions followed by a few gruelling yet fun challenges designed to help them demonstrate their individuality.
  • Don’t get me started about the prizes.  Follow the facebook page over HERE for more info.


Truefitt & Hill review MJ AND STUFF

I wonder what goes on in the minds of those I hang around with lately. They could have gathered that I have added an extra dosage of generosity to my hugs game. Yes, I said hugs game. You see, I happen to be one of those people who are always flinging out their arms in the air, ready to envelope a total stranger for reasons unbeknownst. Not really a half-full kind of human (because I pledge reality-checks way too often), more like… it’s just a thing. My thing! Anyway, of now recent, my hugs game has widened a little and I have more than enough reason since trying out the Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar set. I am determined to spread the awesomeness of this scent whenever granted a chance. Based with Cedarwood and Sandalwood notes, the fragrance does not compromise its fresh masculinity and the part orient middle note and Jasmine top off bring with an inviting sensory satisfaction. I find it oh so grown up. I am almost certain that the latter perspective has an awful lot to do with the interesting fact that I now share a whiff with legends like Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and John Wayne to count a few appreciators of Truefitt and Hill. This is definitely my Spring scent of choice because I have worn it on scorching hot days and even on cooler evenings without experiencing an overly dramatic shift. Hence the adaptability factor ignites in me the confidence glide excitedly when I extend embraces… or a handsomely scented hugs game if you will.

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill grooming products are available at Victorian Bathroom outlets.


Truefitt&Hill Victorian Bathroom MJ AND STUFF

A little unknown fact about me is that I am extremely sensitive when it comes to scents. So sensitive, that a whiff of anything objectionable sets my entire system in a riot of nerve-interweaves, yet somehow I have not gone easy on the concept of constantly searching for a signature fragrance. The thing is, I am my father’s son and the daddy-dude had such a brawny scent ID it bluntly lingered a little while after an encounter with him. I have probably dedicated most if not all of my life thus far to adopting a scent as form of extending my personal presence. So, since this spring season kick-started with activities which require for one to dial up the confidence factor, I am looking to experiment with the Trafalgar range from TRUEFITT & HILL products exclusively available at Victorian Bathroom outlets. My understanding of the TRUEFITT & HILL brand is that in addition to being famed as England’s grooming aristocracy; it carries a lineage dating back through two centuries and a following which includes some of the great men in history. Talk about perfect timing -in season and in age- to get familiar with the classics. I will be trying out the cologne, shaving cream and bath/ shower gel. Do keep up with #Truefitt&Hill hashtag and lookout for the detailed review in a couple of weeks.