MJ AND STUFF Street style 02

No idea who she was. Not sure if I even got to ask for her name and I may or may not have creeped the jeepers out of her a bit when I unceremoniously yanked out my cam and aimed for her, right in the middle of a street, on a rather busy day in Braamfontein. All because I spotted the startling faux fur detail on her leatherette sling bag -Lady lovers her skin game alright. Yep, I went an caught a full set of feelings for the carrier and much like a habitual quintessential blogger bloke, I thought it sensible to share.  You are most welcome. Now for the hunt… do pardon the pun, I simply meant the search for anything remotely close to this piece and of course, just as environmentally safe!

mj and stuff street style 01




MJ AND STUFF River Island store

Today is a good day to spread the love. -A good day for a giveaway, and more importantly; a good day to invite you to hang with me and go though racks and rails of stunning clothing.  River Island is set to open their newest flagship store in Sandton #JOHO in the next week (05/08/’15) and together with the retailer; I am giving away two sets of double tickets to the VIP media event before the store opens to the public for trade. #MakeTheCircleBigger vibes!

It is perfectly sensible that this 5th River Island flagship store will be joining some 300 leading retailers in Sandton as a worthy option for some of the latest fashion trends.

With an in-house design team, River Island brings new and original fashion to the shopper weekly.  A go-to for great going out looks, amazing denim and fabulous bags and shoes, River Island is renowned for their stylish, affordable fashion for everyone.

MJ AND STUFF River Island Giveaway

Keen for it? All you gotta do to stand a chance of winning is; drop me a comment here below with your name, your city and tell me a bit about your next style mission. Winners will be selected randomly –based on the awesomest of comments of course!

Competition wraps at close of business on the 3rd of August 2015.

Good luck and #WERQ


Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Turban Story

Today’s vibe throws back to one of my favourite steezes to #WERQ with; knotting a good turban. If I have t my way, I would dedicate an entire season to styling my own day-to-day looks showcasing the versatility of rocking an elaborately placed character scarf on my head. The reality on the other hand, is that it is extremely difficult to get it right with every attempt. I know; we make it look all so easy sometimes and I do believe I am not alone in the certainty that despite spending hour upon hours fixed on tutorials, a controllable knot is often owed to sheer luck.  One very lucky Sunday, I happened to get it right with the first try and was not about to chill on the couch and pop bottles. Oh no child, I took my doek out to the daytime market for brunch, caught up with my family over a liquid lunch and got to see dusk around some friends hurdled for a braai.

Turban Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Street Style

Nothing fancy, just fantastically parading knotting it right.

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James Street Style turban


Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Wearing-Jordache jeans and wolford bodysuit

My girlfriends must really, truly must count themselves insanely lucky for the crazy lengths I go through to spread smiles all over their faces. I not complaining though, I mean, if their requests are lined with my trade and I get to score a free liquid dinner on their tabs ever so often…?

Most recently, I have been on the search for the magnificently fitted bodysuit seen worn by Sarah Jessica Parker (my most favourite of humans) in newest campaign following being named the face allied with two of Jordache’s lines –Jordache Collection and the Jordache Look Collection. The incontestably desirable #IOT is known as the Pisa String Body from Wolford and judging solely by the enormous demand thus far, it is fast become a staple piece in almost every woman’s woardrobe.

Wolford Pisa String Body MJ AND STUFF

A classic favourite.



#FACT: A one-piece day is a good day per my observation. Be it a delicately detailed and dressier jumpsuit version as worn by Miss Eda Rose or a street style relevant leather dungie as done major justice by the darling Miss Mantsoe Pout, I am always all set to cheer up the wearer of a “onsie”.  And, no, my raison d’être for having picked these images of these charming young ladies is not completely based on their decision to #WERQ the heck out of a black ensemble. Well, not entirely.

Y’all know I am a huge fan of these vibes.

MJ AND STUFF Street Style Mantsoe Pout

Eda Rose MJ AND STUFF Street Style


GUESS BAG Spring Summer 2015 MJ AND STUFF

The anticipated Item of Today has me deep in my feelings, throwing back to a moment (not so long ago –contrary to whatever belief) right after high school, when almost every third small town female I knew within my age group took part in just about all forms of parental bribery to attain a GUESS Bag. Coveted in all manners imaginable, I would often overhear and pep-talk many a girlfriends when the desire hits hard.

Fast-forward a couple of years later and having grown in parts and gone through several brands and bags alike, I have just recently had a mini-reunion with an old friend and spent a great deal of the luncheon reminiscing about the relevance of GUESS Bag in every gal’s life story. My chum’s eyes soaked and widened when I shared with her images of the brand’s newly revealed campaign for the next summer. Shot by creative duo  and long-time GUESS collaborators, Claudia and Ralf Pülmanns and directed by Paul Marciano, CEO and Chief Creative Officer for GUESS?, Inc. the campaign features the stunning GUESS tote making a debut in a series of updated designs. Absolutely worthy to be awarded the #IOT title.


Picked because my friend gaps all sorts for it and also because I truly believe in the bag’s budding star status as something to work across generations. The paint stain floral print, the considered edge juxtaposing functionality and of course the brand’s dependable quality.




Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Souh African Fashion Blogger

Give me an area unconventional and I am at my 8th most happiest (you do not want me to go through the chain yet again. #Trust). I do enjoy being present in a physical form, as part of my trade’s perk-come-command-come-perk-again and I have become sort of not bad at putting together  an outfit with a mission to take on daytime commitment and with very little effort, translate into an evening fashion vibe. This is certainly not one of those “How To” posts, but much rather a remembrance of one’s lustrous likeness for spaces bizarrely fêted. Oh, and of course the brainwave behind the fashioning method.

Not so long ago, I attended Edgars’ preview of the collections ready to retail in the next season. The faultless, just-after-lunch occasion with the industry’s who’s who, hosted at the sought after Shine Studios in Braamfontein called for a chic equip and I dialled up my predominantly navy look with a incredibly observable touch of red. I could very well have had these pics photographed on one of the venue’s stretching balconies and had the legendary Jo’burg cityscape serve as an impeccable backdrop, but instead decided on having a time of my life all over an industrial looking spot overlooking a small courtyard. Far from the glamorous nature of the event, I found this area especially fascinating because even in its pipe-twined appearance, there is something unaffected about its immeasurable potential. Much like how I approach most things in my life. I am the dude who sees and appreciates and participates convention to a certain degree (when needs be) and then spent a heck lot of time working to find eccentric means through everything.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger 04

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger 06

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger 08

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger 05

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger 01

Mahlayse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger 07

Totally, my vibe.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger



MJ Collection Tie Clip MJ AND STUFF

OMG!! Fate is literally just dealing me all things grand right now. There is a new men’s jewellery sheriff in town and I am officially obsessed. MJ Collection (Perfectly rad name. LOL) is a refreshing classification of an elegance that can cross elegant and luxe bounds seamlessly. Founded by two brothers with an undeniably sharp enthusiasm for men’s fashion, the accessories brand is dedicated to hook the South African man up with trends au fait.

 As much as I have seen the rather large collection of 100% leather bracelets alongside beaded arm candy designed with semi-precious stones and Swarovski elements, some exciting lapel pins and earrings I am dying to wear, I picked this metal scissors tie clip as my Item Of Today. One of the toughest picks I have ever had to make and with such difficulty, I decided on this piece based on the reality that I only have two tie clips in my accessories cave and could do with a spirited member.

Classic, modern and stands a good chance of achieving heirloom status! I am for it.



Sorbet Daily Skin Polish MJA ND STUFF

This here doubles as my #MadeUpModay pick and an everyday #IOT. I came to discover Sorbet’s awesome Daily Skin Polish Powder last November at the brand’s skin show and I have had by far, the most sensational of relationships with it.

Contrary to popular belief, I hardly ever do much for my skin these days (devastatingly detrimental) except maybe an odd oxygen facial when I have the time, and the three step regime when my day happens to wrap like normal people and the ever so trusted invention of tinted moisturiser has come in very handy for the need to camouflage the great hassle caused by blemishes.  Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder has become my absolute favourite and from using it every single day, my friends (and everyone who dares to give me time of day) get to understand why it is very high in my recommendation list.

I could go on and on about the brilliant benefits of this amazing product, but the less usage of filters with each Instagram post is a worthy testimony, I think.  –which makes me think; do we have sensibly regulated awards for these things!?! Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder would wallop the whole lot. True Story!


MJ AND STUFF x Trevor Stuurman Fashion Moment SA Menwear Week

There is just no way to speak about Trevor Stuurman and not marvel at the impressive career this youngin’ seems to have carved for himself. The blogger-come-social-media-darling kid keeps winning industry hearts and it is no secret that I too dare claim to be among the besotted followers of his remarkable missions. For someone who appears to put an equal measure of striking presence behind and afore the scenes; Trevor has finally served to stylopolitans’ forever peeled eyes with a #FashionMonent that will go down in history as a strong verification of his position on fashion’s vacillating table.

The noteworthy fashion moment I speak of had me in an intense state of excitement (no jokes), the minute he shared a pic on Instagram a little over ten days ago. Self-styled to filth (totally a good thing) during the sophomore SA Menswear Week, @Trevor_Struurman gave me a look expressly themed within settled ethereal tones and played with fluidly tailored lines, all whilst nailing a fit sensible for a nomadic spirit. This signifies just where he is in his life/career right now -every bit a jet-setter, informed and of course overflowing with personality.

When we all knew!

When we all knew!

Trevor Stuurman Details MJ AND STUFF

Trevor Stuurman x MJ AND STUFF Street Style

Everyone deserves a notable fashion moment and this here was Trevor’s and my-oh-my what a moment it was!!