MJ Collection Tie Clip MJ AND STUFF

OMG!! Fate is literally just dealing me all things grand right now. There is a new men’s jewellery sheriff in town and I am officially obsessed. MJ Collection (Perfectly rad name. LOL) is a refreshing classification of an elegance that can cross elegant and luxe bounds seamlessly. Founded by two brothers with an undeniably sharp enthusiasm for men’s fashion, the accessories brand is dedicated to hook the South African man up with trends au fait.

 As much as I have seen the rather large collection of 100% leather bracelets alongside beaded arm candy designed with semi-precious stones and Swarovski elements, some exciting lapel pins and earrings I am dying to wear, I picked this metal scissors tie clip as my Item Of Today. One of the toughest picks I have ever had to make and with such difficulty, I decided on this piece based on the reality that I only have two tie clips in my accessories cave and could do with a spirited member.

Classic, modern and stands a good chance of achieving heirloom status! I am for it.





I always say this; talk accessories to me and we’ve already gone through the first base of a successful relationship. I have gone beyond the point of obsessively hoarding because one of my strong beliefs goes like; a life faced without as many accessories as one could possibly have, is a life half lived. This is a serious affair I tell you.

Henriette Botha’s newest Autumn-Winter 2014 collection, aptly titled The Fall, has me falling ham-fistedly in love with all the arm candy. The designer is distinguished for her bold usage of colourful beadwork, semiprecious stones, gold-and-silver pleated brass, crocheting and laser cut detailing. Each piece is visibly rich in history, with influences drawn from Africa, India and South America.

I have spent a week deciding which of the pieces I love the most in the collection. Difficult feat, but I settled solely on wrist ornamentation particularly that gorgeous Nomatemba Bracelet –embarrassingly highlighted in the pic below with a little shot of glittery sprinkles. And since I don’t particularly find it comfortable to wear my sleeves unfolded all the way to the wrist –a little known fact about c’est mois, I am definitely looking to reveal a devastatingly striking jewellery game.


Henriette Botha bracelets MJ AND STUFF

Henriette Botha Bangles MJ AND STUFF

Henriette Botha metal detail Bracelets MJ AND STUFF



The Face Of Zuri Model search MJ AND STUFF

I have always suspected that there should be  a lot of good in the major selfie movement –even though I have never really initiated an angular self-snapped image of my own. Sensibly, the next step from the perfected “art” of throwing model-like poses and seasonally photo-bombing in pics all over the interwebs is an opportunity to flirt with recognition on a greater scale. Zuri, the renowned treasure trove of costume jewellery and accessories is on a search for unearthed talent. Instead of using experienced models, they are offering a chance for one aspiring young woman to front their new collection.

Face of Zuri 2014 MJ AND STUFF

For a chance at being considered, would-be winners between the ages of 16 and 35 should head over facebook.com/zuri.africa and upload their very best recent photograph. The Top Ten finalists will be given a nod by a panel of judges and of course dear fans of the brand. These lucky 10 will be invited to Cape Town for a day of treatments at a spa retreat, with professional hair and makeup sessions by Ulricke Laubscher, Milk and Honey outfits styled by Kelly Davis and a styled professional photo shoot with Tegan Smith. Finalists will also receive luxury hampers from Essence Makeup, Caribbean Tan and Zuri Jewellery.

MJ AND STUFF Face Of Zuri 2014 model search

The ultimate winner of The Face Of Zuri 2014 will be announced on the 14th of June 2014.



I am a festive person and I like doing festive things. There is nothing quite as awesome as the gift of giving, so in that jolly spirit; I have teamed up with the rad people at MAT & MAY and we are set to make this the best holiday season ever. For the next four weeks I will be giving away stunning packages every Friday; filled with some of my fave accessories to a few readers via our social media networks correspondingly. All you have to do is keep it locked down on this blog’s facebook page over HERE and Mat&May’s page over HERE for updates. To kick-start the first of these super giveaways we’ve put together His and Hers packages. Just follow us on the Twitter lane *see image above for accounts* and use the HASHTAG #CreateYourself to precede telling us about your stylish holiday plans. Remember to keep it awesome and the best comments will stand a chance to win the stuff here below. Y’all don’t need luck!


MJ AND STUFF Mat and May Giveaway



Madonna’s Express Yourself must be many Stylopolitans’ anthem of choice because I know we thrive on every opportunity to add signatures onto almost everything we wear. The newest opportunity to stretch one’s imaginative nature is the X by Trollbeads, recently launched by a collective of Danish Jewellers; this brand offers such a unique take on personalised jewellery. This is not an average cheesy crafty exercise. Nope, the cutting edge design offers usage of high quality silver, bronze, gold and black rubber links that connect with a simple twist to create bespoke necklaces and bracelets. Such an awesome balance of raw elegance; the launch collection is creatively eclectic with a range of over 70 playfully exciting links and includes an imaginative contribution from nine of the Trollbeads’ in-house designers. It seems like classy, grown-up fun that can fit any budget. #XbyTrollbeads is available here, hook it up and get to expressing yourself.


Stefania Morland #MBFWJ 2013: Do The Kahlo


Stefania knows fashion. Stefania knows art. Stefania knows who to collaborate with. Stefania knows how to adopt a craze and run miles with it. At her Mercedes –Benz Fashion Week Joburg, Stefania Morland showcased an exceptional collection of clothing alongside some beautifully styled Pitchulick accessories and to indulge my soul; some Frida Kahlo inspired headpieces. Think fully blossomed, fascinator size shrubs arched across one’s crown. The collection ignited a maximalistic mood without being kitsch at all. I am for the soft tailoring and subtly detailed larger than usual hemlines on the multi dimensional shapes, shifting across very current trends festooned with delicate lady textures.  The calming colour palette swept through blushed tones with regular winks of a sparkle via sequins -Reaffirming the luxe loving woman of her stylish place in the coming season. My eyes were all over the perfectly referenced headgear though. Frida Kahlo happens to be the very first artist I studied in my younger years, so strange things happened in my eyes when Stefania Morland interpreted her iconic floral tiara in an unapologetically South African vibe. Avoiding corny elements altogether -yet again.  The Kahlo –as me and my geeky fashion squad refer to the trend, has seen many interpretations over sometime now -finding its daisy bright position in the neon fad and perfectly dusty rose spot with last season’s pastel fixation. The daring few (AKA c’est mois at a fancy dress party the other day) have even taken the bling route too, adding on tinfoil flowers, sequin leaflets and metallic glow sticks (DON’T ASK). Never in my existence have I ever witnessed The Kahlo carrying so much emotion. Showcased with the kind of passion that propels one to sit, observe and appreciate sans trying to seek depth. Stefania served me. Lesson: Do The Kahlo.



Frida Kahlo MBFWJ MJ AND STUFF_StefaniaMorland_

Mr Price Denim&Tees; I go with them too!

Not one would dare argue that Mr Price leads fashion packs at the moment. The rad retailer keeps upping their game with super awesome threads season in and season out. At the moment, they have gone a couple more up and brought together Henry Holland, FUN and local style frontiers to benefit not only lovers of fashion but also the RedCap Foundation which aims to devise means that empower young learners through education and enriches the quality of their lives.  I will be sending out a few posts around this initiative because it’s really awesome and shows just how fashion aids beyond the eye. And of course, how  I will be rocking pieces from the line!

Stylings by Magazine Eds and fashion bloggers!

The Mr Price Promise is very clear: “If its denim the people want, then believe us, we’re here to give it to them. All the hottest denim in every colour, print and style you can imagine, from ombre’ to stonewashed, skinny to regular and everything in between, we have it all. We’re here to bring denim to everyone!”

Last week Mr Price gathered all fashion heads to meet and preview the collections here in Joburg. What a cool do it was because the demanding natures of our lives/ jobs often result in less hang-out opportunities. Loved every bit of it and will get to what really went down over a few weeks… just you wait. For now, do feast on these…


My Colour loving!


Pops of brights!


near knee lengths!


Double the fab!





“When you think of MJ (cest mois) you first look for a ‘STATEMENT’ something”.  This opinion echoes so much truth expressed my dearest friend Louise Darko of My Sister’s Closet. I can’t possibly disagree because I always gravitate towards the most topical of accessories and my latest mania is everything Pichulik.

Stuff my dreams are made of!

I first caught sight of the Katherine-Mary Pichulik’s accessories from a front row view at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2012, showcased alongside Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heuseerin’s fab Lalesso label. The fashion brand (Lalesso), takes pride in showcasing their signature incessant African summer inspired collections with a notable global appeal fused with East African references. Naturally, they teamed with Pichulik for their Spring/ Summer 2012-13 line. My fingers went into high-speed android-like mode as I fiercely Tweeted about my mad crush on every single piece in that show.  I certainly don’t have a warrior woman in me but honey, the soulfully bold, bright and oh so crafty jewels made want to marathon backstage and negotiate ownership with the creators.

The finale that broke my heart. I didn’t want it to end!

Next time you imagine MJ, please picture me festooned with multi-sized Pichulik bangles as I bluntly stare into space and continue to fantasise about a killer neckpiece.

images by SDR Photos