Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF x JanSport 01

I love going on about my business –as one often does in these fashioning streets- and suddenly realise the awesomeness of my surrounding, which will of course propel me to take full advantage of a situation. Stuff a stylopolitan’s dreams are made of.  I had a moment with my JanSport® backpack, just the other day.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF x JanSport 02

These pics below are an upshot of yet another one of my preferred Sunday afternoon drives with an aim to meet whatever links day to dusk so speedily. Cheesy? Methinks not.  If anything, this could very well match some other pretty cool well-run camo stories; coming together to handsomely juxtapose my street style reality. I mean, one can’t help but think about the print’s history, its utilitarian relevance and the rendering feature of a backpack stunning as it is practical.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 03

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Jansport 05

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 06

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 07

I could have completely clashed and contrasted this print against any-and-everything to claim a heavily spirited vibe or even muted it down alongside a single tint. Instead, I thought it a good idea to step up to my JanSport® bagpack and coordinate a look that is mono-tonal in intent and not running short of details that articulate the brand’s authentic and Iconic status.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 08

My vibe. Completely.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Jansport 09




MJ AND STUFF Item Of The Day Radley London Backpack

Throw me in a universe where backpacks are not a thing and watch me loosing what’s left of my mind. It keeps getting better and today my obsession is fed by Radley London’s Maltby Street backpack in retro red.

Radley London Maltby_Street bagpack MJ AND STUFF

I simply must confess though; for a person who deliberately chooses to not see the world as only black or white –even though I do love few things quite as well as that monochromatic Palse Homme check-board check blazer from a couple of seasons ago, I have been a tad too exacting with the belief that backpacks should never ever be messed with. I love all (most) types of bags and am open to newer interesting shapes and stuff, just not the legend knapsack that should be slung behind one’s shoulder blades with the (sensible) option of flinging two straps over and under one’s arms. I write this as a fashionpolitan unbiased and transformed.

Still keeping with the brand’s perfect blend of creative design, quality materials and immaculate craftsmanship; this backpack has me catching serious feelings. Straight out of the Radley London’s most recent A/W collection, the Malty Street features the supple Langton leather for a nonchalant vintage feel that only gets better with age.

Sold! My Item Of Today!


South African Fashion Bloggers Mahlatse James

Spring has definitely sprung and there will be no prizes for guessing who is all geared up to plot a course around inner city streets like it ain’t a thing. We all know my preferred carrier of choice (for a while now and seemingly forever) is a backpack because the practicality of it is just too real-dot-com and whether we like it or not, has become something of a must-hurl statement accessory if like me, you perhaps spend most of your day on a literal go. I have somehow also managed to flirt a little bit with personalising my burgeoning collection of backpacks, quite like I do with a lot of my pieces and some belonging to people who dare spend more than a couple-of-days in my house –I just might surreptitiously be setting alight an embryonic aspiration for a bedazzling gun here #JustSaying.


Anyway, a quick sweet piece of information to help corroborate the sitch in these pics: For this grey utilitarian style rucksack I went with adding on modern day Jozihood Mad Max details such as an acid blue metal chain swinging alongside a weave of wax print fabrics and multiple stands of plastic beads. The sort of done to appear undone look. Talk about a calculated ease into the spring season before my very own vibrancy kicks in full effect. I mean, we’re only in our second day here so it makes absolute sense that I instigate the necessarily heartening bloom with the coupled outfit almost camouflaged in a solid colour palate. Hint; I am definitely looking at solids for my spring wardrobe.

Mahlatse James canvas backpack MJ AND STUFF

Back to it, I can only ever hope that this little bag ornamentation custom of mine will add to one of the fun fashion exercises for the spring season. It’s a thing, you know…

Mahlatse James Black and White pics MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

MJ AND STUFF Grey backpack Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James Street Style



Manhattan Portage Backpack MJ AND STUFF 01

I carry backpacks a lot during the day. Wish I could come up with an inspiring reason to why I often look like I am re-living my schooling days’ uniform, but in all honesty they’re just so easy to throw (almost)everything in and fling over whilst going about and navigating day-to-day stuff. Evidence HERE, HERE and HERE.

On a mission to widen my range, I am crushing hard on the backpack game as seen in the Manhattan Portage campaign ads. The thirty years old brand is still growing stronger and has recently added South Africa amongst its impressive presence in over 500 retail locations in over 40 countries. These backpacks and a lot more styles like duffels, schoolbags, pouches, briefcases, tablet and computer sleeves, totes, flight bags, coin purses and, of course, several sizes of styles of detailed messenger bags, will be available at and I am beyond thrilled for my search for a classic baggie made with highest quality materials, superb construction and excellent craftsmanship. Talk about meeting all necessary points; durability, utility and of course simplicity in design.

Manhattan Portage Backpack MJ AND STUFF 02

Manhattan Portage Backpack MJ AND STUFF 03

Manhattan Portage Backpack MJ AND STUFF 04

Manhattan Portage Backpack MJ AND STUFF 05

SPOTTED IN THE STREETS: Rucksack so hot right now.

Street style backpacks MJ AND STUFF

Backpacks are fully trending at the moment. Everywhere I go, I swear my camera does a 180◦ and randomly click at a find.  Truth be told, I doubt if there is a trick to pull one off sans looking like an overgrown tween. Not even the part hippie-slash- part sporty looking fashion people have quite pinned relevant stylings and how dare we leave the minimalist chic ones out? How very dare we? And there is quite a variety right now, some festooned with charms, some made out of delicate fabrics, some rugged –full of “character”, if you may and the rest, well, whatever.  I am told that one (grown-ass folk that is), needs to go armed with an attitude to match whenever strapping on a ruckie .As much as I absolutely despise non multi functional fashion, I have to say, this seemingly disposable trend erects my brow.

Pick a style, I see...

Pick a style, I see…

Out in the streets, they call it... ahem, nevermind.

Out in the streets, they call it… ahem, nevermind.