MJ AND STUFF Item Of The Day Radley London Backpack

Throw me in a universe where backpacks are not a thing and watch me loosing what’s left of my mind. It keeps getting better and today my obsession is fed by Radley London’s Maltby Street backpack in retro red.

Radley London Maltby_Street bagpack MJ AND STUFF

I simply must confess though; for a person who deliberately chooses to not see the world as only black or white –even though I do love few things quite as well as that monochromatic Palse Homme check-board check blazer from a couple of seasons ago, I have been a tad too exacting with the belief that backpacks should never ever be messed with. I love all (most) types of bags and am open to newer interesting shapes and stuff, just not the legend knapsack that should be slung behind one’s shoulder blades with the (sensible) option of flinging two straps over and under one’s arms. I write this as a fashionpolitan unbiased and transformed.

Still keeping with the brand’s perfect blend of creative design, quality materials and immaculate craftsmanship; this backpack has me catching serious feelings. Straight out of the Radley London’s most recent A/W collection, the Malty Street features the supple Langton leather for a nonchalant vintage feel that only gets better with age.

Sold! My Item Of Today!



MJ AND STUFF Street style 02

No idea who she was. Not sure if I even got to ask for her name and I may or may not have creeped the jeepers out of her a bit when I unceremoniously yanked out my cam and aimed for her, right in the middle of a street, on a rather busy day in Braamfontein. All because I spotted the startling faux fur detail on her leatherette sling bag -Lady lovers her skin game alright. Yep, I went an caught a full set of feelings for the carrier and much like a habitual quintessential blogger bloke, I thought it sensible to share.  You are most welcome. Now for the hunt… do pardon the pun, I simply meant the search for anything remotely close to this piece and of course, just as environmentally safe!

mj and stuff street style 01



GUESS BAG Spring Summer 2015 MJ AND STUFF

The anticipated Item of Today has me deep in my feelings, throwing back to a moment (not so long ago –contrary to whatever belief) right after high school, when almost every third small town female I knew within my age group took part in just about all forms of parental bribery to attain a GUESS Bag. Coveted in all manners imaginable, I would often overhear and pep-talk many a girlfriends when the desire hits hard.

Fast-forward a couple of years later and having grown in parts and gone through several brands and bags alike, I have just recently had a mini-reunion with an old friend and spent a great deal of the luncheon reminiscing about the relevance of GUESS Bag in every gal’s life story. My chum’s eyes soaked and widened when I shared with her images of the brand’s newly revealed campaign for the next summer. Shot by creative duo  and long-time GUESS collaborators, Claudia and Ralf Pülmanns and directed by Paul Marciano, CEO and Chief Creative Officer for GUESS?, Inc. the campaign features the stunning GUESS tote making a debut in a series of updated designs. Absolutely worthy to be awarded the #IOT title.


Picked because my friend gaps all sorts for it and also because I truly believe in the bag’s budding star status as something to work across generations. The paint stain floral print, the considered edge juxtaposing functionality and of course the brand’s dependable quality.



Meet Norah –my weekend purchase.

I think I am growing up to be a fine shopper. No, really. Lately I have very few of my usual incidents where I get home to be confronted by an impulsive purchase. Or it could be that I hardly “run into” giant SALE signs anymore. Anyway, this post is really about being immodest about the stunning basket weave shopper I bought whilst having lunch with a dear friend this past Saturday. It is all kinds of pretty with splashes of primary colours criss-crossing against multiple blues, massive enough to can carry most of my life and additional necessary purchases (42W x 35H frame, with a 20cm inward space to be exact)  and I have named her Norah because I have always wanted a BFF named Norah. *My friend Louise bagged a little tan/ black/ toffee/ white baby too.