Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF x JanSport 01

I love going on about my business –as one often does in these fashioning streets- and suddenly realise the awesomeness of my surrounding, which will of course propel me to take full advantage of a situation. Stuff a stylopolitan’s dreams are made of.  I had a moment with my JanSport® backpack, just the other day.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF x JanSport 02

These pics below are an upshot of yet another one of my preferred Sunday afternoon drives with an aim to meet whatever links day to dusk so speedily. Cheesy? Methinks not.  If anything, this could very well match some other pretty cool well-run camo stories; coming together to handsomely juxtapose my street style reality. I mean, one can’t help but think about the print’s history, its utilitarian relevance and the rendering feature of a backpack stunning as it is practical.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 03

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Jansport 05

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 06

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 07

I could have completely clashed and contrasted this print against any-and-everything to claim a heavily spirited vibe or even muted it down alongside a single tint. Instead, I thought it a good idea to step up to my JanSport® bagpack and coordinate a look that is mono-tonal in intent and not running short of details that articulate the brand’s authentic and Iconic status.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 08

My vibe. Completely.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Jansport 09





Under normal circumstances, I would throw a massive bitch-fit if designers at South African Fashion Week were to serve collections that seemed more ready to retail and less showmanship-like. As much as I fully understand that an ultimate result of showcasing on such a large programme should render a sellable brand, the sad little custom of “off-the-peg, onto the runway” and vice versa grinds my wigglies. That being said, when LOXION KULćA celebrated their 14th year in the African urban fashion industry on the #SAFW runway with a collection I wanted to rip right off (most of) the models’ backs –I had to stop a recently resurrected alter-ego from surfacing and gyrate on the runway. Wandi Nzimande’s collaboration with the genius that is Olebogeng Ledimo of House of Ole had a survival theme and featured BANG-BANG-on-trend elements of militaria –see why I wanted it? All of it!! I loved that even though camo stands a chance of trickling into the cheesy bin (seriously…any minute now), LOXION did like it is always expected of its heritage value and incorporated very clear interpretations. Think; borrowing from the wardrobe of a sickeningly chic air force dream team!

MJ AND STUFF Loxion Kulca SAFW Spring 2013

Loxion Kulca MJ AND STUFF South African fashion Week