Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF x JanSport 01

I love going on about my business –as one often does in these fashioning streets- and suddenly realise the awesomeness of my surrounding, which will of course propel me to take full advantage of a situation. Stuff a stylopolitan’s dreams are made of.  I had a moment with my JanSport® backpack, just the other day.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF x JanSport 02

These pics below are an upshot of yet another one of my preferred Sunday afternoon drives with an aim to meet whatever links day to dusk so speedily. Cheesy? Methinks not.  If anything, this could very well match some other pretty cool well-run camo stories; coming together to handsomely juxtapose my street style reality. I mean, one can’t help but think about the print’s history, its utilitarian relevance and the rendering feature of a backpack stunning as it is practical.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 03

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Jansport 05

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 06

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 07

I could have completely clashed and contrasted this print against any-and-everything to claim a heavily spirited vibe or even muted it down alongside a single tint. Instead, I thought it a good idea to step up to my JanSport® bagpack and coordinate a look that is mono-tonal in intent and not running short of details that articulate the brand’s authentic and Iconic status.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF JanSport 08

My vibe. Completely.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Jansport 09





When it comes to putting my looks together, I much prefer to do it right –by my terms of course. After a very long time, I have come to deal with the reality that I am somewhat obsessive with an idea of “aptness” that seemed to only be perceptible through my Prada shades. That was until facebook showed me flames. Case: Camo is said to be “in” and trying to fight it is as ridiculous a concept as perforated padding in swimwear –plain silliness I tell you. Truth be told, utilitarian references never really shifted out of trend boxes as they keep reeling in through many interesting forms season in and season out, it’s just that this current retailing season sees a back-to-basics approach. Trying to affirm my position within this crazy fashion game, I took to a type of styling reported by one friend of THE SIR as “brave” –c’mon, what’s my name?  As we often do, we self-obsessed fashion devoted navy people, I aimed to channel a mid 20th century Russian soviet by cinching the waist of my newest PUMA camouflage jacket with metal detailed canvas belt. I think my intended look was pretty much achieved until I remembered that one of the many reasons I had been anticipating winter so much, was to take leaf out of Martin Cooper’s design approach for Belstaff. Both his Spring and Fall 2013 collections yielded the fashion house’s classic Trialmaster jacket as a non-questionable masculine staple. I know most will remember that I styled the same PUMA jacket in that iconic cinched waistline fashion and for my collaboration with @TsholoDaFellow when we photographed our #OpperationBuryTheHaters shoot. I have since loaded the pic as my backround image on facebook and the love we are receiving is insane! Yes. There are a few “I don’t get the waist belt bit” rants to which I simply respond with “go eat dust –on a good day and on the few occasions, I get a kick out of making them look dim-witted by yanking out a pic of Che Guevara’s visit to South America, kitted in Belstaff’s Trialmaster –yeah, who is MANLY now!? long tale nipped, Belstaff commanded and I stood in attention… belted and all!

Belstaff's command this winter!

Belstaff’s command this winter!