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I stand for hydration right now like I ain’t never stood for hydration before. I have even gone as far as invading strangers’ conversations about grooming and go on lengthily about the importance of hydration in everyone’s process of taking-care-of-thyself.  This week, I am going crazy for The A Cream. The firming active body cream with a promise to fastrack one’s skin to fitness.

So very necessary right now –because we all know how our skin stands an unfair chance of thriving against seasonal interchanges. In addition to locking in the much needed moisture, an assortment of ingredients in the A Cream also restore elasticity and firmness.

The A-Cream Lotion MJ AND STUFF #MadeUpMonday



MJ AND STUFF La Prairie Made Up Monday

I hereby declare that I have now become one with individuals who start their (perhaps our) sentences with “people our age”. Very unaffected, I say this proudly because I never run out of reasons to throw some knowledge on some of the best products partly responsible for people gushing  in disbelieve of my actual age. Right now, I am all about La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Response Booster.

The booster is designed to work from within to build up the skin’s surface layer and create a smooth, line-free appearance in just two weeks. I am a little obsessed here. Because it is NEVER too early to start fixing stuff up – a little lesson I have learnt from my dermatologist lady. The beauty of the product is that it is formulated for men and women of all ages.

One definitely needs to find a solid way to keep one’s aunts out of one’s bathroom cabinets.  #Just Saying

One definitely needs to find a solid way to keep one’s aunts out of one’s bathroom cabinets. #Just Saying

La Prairie’s commitment to pushing the envelope to find the rarest, most beneficial ingredients is evident in the serum’s list of ingredients that includes plankton extract harvested in Brittany, France; silver vine extract from East Asia; and doses of ginger and liquorice. The result is a light-weight, silky smooth, low-viscosity gel serum

The other best part about La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster is that the serum has been formulated to use everyday as part of skincare routine.

I am for it, and so is my skin.