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This here is just another one of those posts featuring a rather lengthy sequence of images snapped totally unplanned. #TrueStory, the back-tale is set around a very regular midmorning, on a very regular Tuesday, en-route to source wardrobe for a celebrity client. Now, that bit is not very regular! Let’s just say there was a proper five-minute-thirty-seven-second long and spirited haul between   the styling partner dude (come snappographer) and I, about whether or not it is at all important that I take an entire hour out of my day to try and best capture an outfit that is most certainly not intentionally curated for either side of a camera.

No prize for guessing who “won” that round. Crazy, especially since these here photographs are not even half of what we ended up with.

If I really, truly must get into it; I suppose it is unavoidable that one of my primary themes right now in life, centres on “lines”. Be they visible to a dispassionate eye or able to pique an interest of whatever type stylopolitan, I am with lines.

Still in the business of making it my own, here I dialled up comfort first and never ever flirting with an interest to compromise on the style front. The PUMA XT1s served that aspect extremely well, worn with my other pair of tailored shorts (these I inherited –read snatched- from my young cousin when he was in boarding school, it was his uniform at some point. I threw on a skinny Banana Republic crock belt and my fast-becoming-fave flannel shirt from MRP. I cannot quite decide on which of the pieces here qualifies as the conversation piece for this look, I will however, give major props to one of my proudest and newest go-to item; this navy blue mid-length topcoat from H&M always comes in handy atop almost everything and has fast become my fail proof shield slash barricader to the random cold fronts.

Totally vibe ya ka. Translate: My Vibe.

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David Beckham swimwear for H&M

I dare anyone to try and cliff me off a comfortable branch of my ideal family tree, where the Beckhams sit supremely on the other side right next to the Olsens –my tale my cast. Anyway, on that relation, Mr David Beckham –who should totally be knighted any minute now, seriously- has since embarked on strengthening his relation with the huge retailer H&M and collaborated on a small collection of swimwear. The campaign photographed by Glen Luchford was revealed last Thursday, starring the well-formed retired footballer. The swimies will only be available from the 22nd of May via H&M. In the meantime, why don’t you choose your faves here below, I have my top two sorted.


H&M Swimwear by David Beckham

TWO’s winter fashion assurance

The gals over at TWO are at it again! This time devoted to making sure that winter 2012 WILL be a stylish one.

We all know, love and trust their in-house designed garments and of course, their fab-finds. Caren Waldman (the other half of two) has just returned from a business trip in the East –Hong Kong and China to be exact- and being a natural lover of fashion that she is, her voyage turned into a shopping spree for me and fellow consumers of TWO (bless her good heart). She tells me online –‘coz you know just how we roll these days- that she went into shops she personally likes and carefully selected the most up-to-the-minute of pieces she knows her customers will appreciate.  A selection of gorgeous pleated skirts, jeans, sequined vests, blazers, scarves and bags. The kind of stuff unlikely to find in these parts, priced at a steal.

In addition to her gifts form H&M, Forever 21 and Maple, TWO has also recently launched a new inhouse collection. This is what she had to say about the range:

“The fabrics are viscose/lycra, cut-n-sew, melton and cotton twill. We have used a lurex knit this season too and have based our pallet on a very beautiful Navy, Rabbit (purpley grey), Brick (burnt orange), Black, Teal and Silver and Gold. Our silhouettes this season are very current with the short in the front and long at the back feature, which is so fashionable at the moment. We have a maxi skirt with pockets, which has been very popular and soft sparkly pants which have sold extremely well. We have a cape jacket, which is soft and warm and a long and cropped cape made of Melton, which is a very soft boiled wool. Our stuff is all very easy to wear and very comfortable and can be dressed up or down for an every day or evening look. Our philosophy is of luxury basics and so we choose the best and softest fabric available in order to make our customers feel really comfortable and good about themselves”

I bet you too are grateful that since Caren and her sister Gina (who is currently on leave to be a yummy mommy), started their business in 2003, the state of style is on a high level.  Can’t wait to exercise the black strip on my card.

Beckham, my Valentine

I’m still recovering from yesterday’s Valentine’s day headpins. Once again, I ended up in argumentative pits defending my cray (crazy -if you don’t speak street) obsession with the 14th of Feb. This year we -together with interesting strangers-come-BFF’s from my twitter TL, debated over the art and traditions of gifting. Thoughts vs physical size of the present. All I really wanted and tweeted extensively, was a number from David Bheckham’s debut bodywear for H&M.


Q: Why do you even care about an unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day?
A: Call me a blind sheep if you want to but even though there are many tales about Saint Valentine’s and the 14th of Feb or Emperor Claudious the second, or Pope Gelasius, or St Marius (Valentine’s BFF) or Juno -the Goddess of women and marriage, or even the festival of Lupercalia (can you tell, I’m totally bragging about my knowledge here), I believe that I deserve one full day of cheesy, predictable romance?

Q: Why underwear?
A: I’ll have you know that on of the most common gifts for men so happens to be underwear. So far, silky or even satin boxers with hearts, cupid images or something relating to V-day. I have had enough and damnit, I reserve the right to choose.

Q: What’s so special about David Beckham’s underwear line anyway?
A: Uhm…. firstly; David Beckham ,which means it carries the elegance as embodied by the man himself. Secondly it is his debut collection and H&M’s Design department has promised that the range is of a top quality and if you see any of the nine underwear styles, these are good.

Q: But isn’t Valentines about exchanging small gifts? Which would ultimately mean cost effective gifts and since this product is not available locally, it should be expensive.
A: I’m talking bodywear, really. If you’re going to compromise on quality maybe we shouldn’t be having this conversation. As a matter if fact, I do have a friend who only buys his delicates online(can I even say “delicates” relating to mens underwear?). Besides, these items are available in over 1800 H&M stores world wide and since we are a global generation, I believe getting them over here won’t be much of a problem.

I had a whale of a time answering these questions and who would have thunk that a full blog post would come out of it?


Dragon wears for H&M

OMG! –and I never say “omg” but gawd-darn-it hard-rock elements will forever be a part of us (the style loving lot)!

 We all know and to certain degree are part of the huge hype created by the up-coming movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and you can imagine the never ending volumes of excitement I beamed in when I heard that the movie’s Costume Designer (Trish Summerville) has teamed up with the ever so awesome H&M to create a 30 piece collection. 

The range will be in 180 stores world wide as of the 14th of December this year (I do accept late B-day gifts) and Yes it will everything Lisbeth Salander would wear and maybe a few re-interpretations of what she wears in the film, like super-awesome leather pants (On to the B-day list), worn out style jeans, ill-fitting hoodies and studs where it needs be…

 I was begining to feel a little two seasons old since everybody has taken to slashing me with a side-eye everytime I go punk mod with outfits. Now I can borrow a line I stole from a friend that “they just don’t know things”….