MJ AND STUFF x Trevor Stuurman Fashion Moment SA Menwear Week

There is just no way to speak about Trevor Stuurman and not marvel at the impressive career this youngin’ seems to have carved for himself. The blogger-come-social-media-darling kid keeps winning industry hearts and it is no secret that I too dare claim to be among the besotted followers of his remarkable missions. For someone who appears to put an equal measure of striking presence behind and afore the scenes; Trevor has finally served to stylopolitans’ forever peeled eyes with a #FashionMonent that will go down in history as a strong verification of his position on fashion’s vacillating table.

The noteworthy fashion moment I speak of had me in an intense state of excitement (no jokes), the minute he shared a pic on Instagram a little over ten days ago. Self-styled to filth (totally a good thing) during the sophomore SA Menswear Week, @Trevor_Struurman gave me a look expressly themed within settled ethereal tones and played with fluidly tailored lines, all whilst nailing a fit sensible for a nomadic spirit. This signifies just where he is in his life/career right now -every bit a jet-setter, informed and of course overflowing with personality.

When we all knew!

When we all knew!

Trevor Stuurman Details MJ AND STUFF

Trevor Stuurman x MJ AND STUFF Street Style

Everyone deserves a notable fashion moment and this here was Trevor’s and my-oh-my what a moment it was!!




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Missed me? Well the freshness of an electrifying season has me getting all friendly with midnight oils and making fashion things happen because well, great things just have to happen. I am more than excited to be able to share soonest. Anywho, I know y’all know that October is a very special month right here in the MJ AND STUFF HQ. Over the years, I have rebranded in my birthday month, hooked up some amazing giveaways for the very dear of supporters and even thrown shindigs of a mad repute for my friends but this year, as we celebrate this blog’s fourth year (and over a hundred thousand of you who click on average #ShoutOut), I want us to take things onto the next level. A more personal level, shall I dare say!?! Wouldn’t it be just awesome if in addition to keeping it locked right here, we looked into stretching contact across social interwebs? Fortunately, I do not fall into the realm of the “asinine” few who claim to espouse some sort of offence when referred to by their social media handles. I will not get into that, but you best believe that involuntary twitches happen all over my system as I even think about such characters. Anyway, yes, I do have a bit of an active life all over the net and I think would be pretty cool to link up there too. Ypu have probably been following the side bar feeds right here on the blog and that’s rad, (seriously, it is epic stuff) but more often that not, I sometimes do believe that a some of information shared on all these pages doesn’t get to make to make it onto the blog. This is where I confess that my knowledge and understanding of tech stuff is not equal to much. When you get a moment do join me as a run my fashion mouth on all these channels below.

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