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Give me an area unconventional and I am at my 8th most happiest (you do not want me to go through the chain yet again. #Trust). I do enjoy being present in a physical form, as part of my trade’s perk-come-command-come-perk-again and I have become sort of not bad at putting together  an outfit with a mission to take on daytime commitment and with very little effort, translate into an evening fashion vibe. This is certainly not one of those “How To” posts, but much rather a remembrance of one’s lustrous likeness for spaces bizarrely fêted. Oh, and of course the brainwave behind the fashioning method.

Not so long ago, I attended Edgars’ preview of the collections ready to retail in the next season. The faultless, just-after-lunch occasion with the industry’s who’s who, hosted at the sought after Shine Studios in Braamfontein called for a chic equip and I dialled up my predominantly navy look with a incredibly observable touch of red. I could very well have had these pics photographed on one of the venue’s stretching balconies and had the legendary Jo’burg cityscape serve as an impeccable backdrop, but instead decided on having a time of my life all over an industrial looking spot overlooking a small courtyard. Far from the glamorous nature of the event, I found this area especially fascinating because even in its pipe-twined appearance, there is something unaffected about its immeasurable potential. Much like how I approach most things in my life. I am the dude who sees and appreciates and participates convention to a certain degree (when needs be) and then spent a heck lot of time working to find eccentric means through everything.

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Totally, my vibe.

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF South African Fashion Blogger




MJ AND STUFF x Trevor Stuurman Fashion Moment SA Menwear Week

There is just no way to speak about Trevor Stuurman and not marvel at the impressive career this youngin’ seems to have carved for himself. The blogger-come-social-media-darling kid keeps winning industry hearts and it is no secret that I too dare claim to be among the besotted followers of his remarkable missions. For someone who appears to put an equal measure of striking presence behind and afore the scenes; Trevor has finally served to stylopolitans’ forever peeled eyes with a #FashionMonent that will go down in history as a strong verification of his position on fashion’s vacillating table.

The noteworthy fashion moment I speak of had me in an intense state of excitement (no jokes), the minute he shared a pic on Instagram a little over ten days ago. Self-styled to filth (totally a good thing) during the sophomore SA Menswear Week, @Trevor_Struurman gave me a look expressly themed within settled ethereal tones and played with fluidly tailored lines, all whilst nailing a fit sensible for a nomadic spirit. This signifies just where he is in his life/career right now -every bit a jet-setter, informed and of course overflowing with personality.

When we all knew!

When we all knew!

Trevor Stuurman Details MJ AND STUFF

Trevor Stuurman x MJ AND STUFF Street Style

Everyone deserves a notable fashion moment and this here was Trevor’s and my-oh-my what a moment it was!!



Religion oversized tee Mahlatse James

We’ve been through this; whenever I claim to fall in love with something, be it a shade of colour, a specific shape or clothing brand; I always go all the way –hook, line and sinker vibes.  Set on always trying to appear unpredictable, I seem to have revisited an affair with the good old black and white uniform. Remember when I themed this year’s #MBFWJ around monochrome gear? This time around, I styled my somewhat “A-game” look around this amazing white oversized T-shirt top from RELIGION. These pictures do no justice to it, this piece is all forms of fabulous; luxe cotton layered with flowsy scarf-like, block cut chiffon tresses –gorgeous I tell you. Absolutely alluring to a naked eye and can be a bit tricky to introduce into one’s wardrobe, I foresee many fantastical moments with this one. On this particular evening, I wore it atop my trusted vintage black and fitted ankle length leather pants, dressed up with a pair of lovely grey brogues by Kurt Geiger and to round up the Fit vs Volume approach, I adopted a tailored black Blazer from ASOS. The look wouldn’t really be mine if I did not festoon it with signature accessories, my motif began with a statement neckpiece indicative of chiming Mediterranean jewels and an amusingly contrasting badge I made from a pendant I bought earlier in the year –a tale I will tell someday over giant margaritas. This bag was a hit too (come on, what’s leather sans crisscrossing chain details?). I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit when I went through these pics and learnt that I pulled the classic blogger stunt of trying to not look involved in any of this, yet striking a pose after pose LOL.

Religion Clothing Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF BLOGGER

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James Blogger


Traffic Live Winter Launch MJ AND STUFF

Traffic Live has been serving serious fashions all over the streets of Cape Town since 2004. This past Monday, a relevant crowd witnessed a re-birth of the label and were treated to a fashion showcase of ready to retail winter ranges. The event was attended by The Mother City’s who’s who, dressed top to toe in their finest fashions. Traffic Live promises this rebranding to signal a new direction –complete with a new logo and noticeable changes in stores throughout the year. Here I have picked my top 5 trends as designed by Gareth Botha and fresh off the runway. Good news is; these are BANG on trend and ready to purchase as in now!



With Camo print being this winter’s uniform, Traffic Live took it right back to the basics and brought in olive green fabrics alongside chunky knits, touches of leather and hints of canvas to round up a full trend.



Forget colour blocking for a bit. The retailer suggests that this season, we should block an array of neutrals. Think blush pinks and sand tones made conversational with studs and sequins. The new nudes are far from boring!




A great part of the streets comes alive in the night time. Traffic Live’s contribution came very clear in a collection of embellished black and gold items. Talk about interconnecting a timelessly chic shade with a dosage of glam.



Incorporating active marks in one’s daily wardrobe is utterly necessary. Sports luxe has been so well received since stepping off leading runways a while ago and this season translates a wearable vibe. Pick a sport and decide what you take from it.



This season’s biggest contending trend is the newly lauded monochrome. Traffic Live adopted berry tones and played with an exciting assortment of textures to bring it afore. This is one styling technique that is the easiest to achieve.
Now you know what to look forward to when you step into Traffic Live stores.

Pics by SDR Photos.