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“Clean lines here, uneven lines there and messy lines over there”! Who went and told everyone about the existence of “lines” within the fashion industry? #NoTeaNoShade, all I am saying is; six out of ten times I engage with people about the trials and revels in my line of work (see what I did there!?!), they all quickly claim to categorize a certain look by first identifying these said lines. Don’t get me wrong, the clear altitude of EduFashion is highly appreciated, but I much prefer to form relationships (short lived as some prove to be, as soon as the reality of the industry knocks in) with individuals who are open to seeing style as more of a spirited expression and less of “what it should be”. This comes from a bloke who shops wherever the heck he wants and yes, for-the-love-of-PUMA-Trinomics, I do value the unequivocal importance of trends as a guide to understand why we wear what we wear and for those serving diligently within the fashion industry to connect from a knowledgeable point of view. With the same belief, I campaign for nothing if not the strong advantage of a personal edit when it comes to styling oneself. I say take what you can from what is expertly researched and try by all means to be present in that decision because this way, not only would we be working towards bridging the classist gaps, we would also be likely to avoid wasting valuable time chatting overpoweringly about the “lines” which are really just a mere choice.  Don’t let me go any deeper…

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It is known that I am not much of a gym or sporty person (yet) –one: my hand to eye coordination does not function beyond seeing SALE sign and exercising plastic rights. Two: I have only ever seen the inside of a gymnasium less than ten times in all of my life because even with an instructor I cannot for-the-love-of-me quite gather interest in learning how to pilot some machinery. Still, this does not mean I will be missing out on the linkage between fierce fashion and sports allied elements. With this look, I aimed for just that and much like everything in my life, I did it my way. Studs, CHECK. Sleeveless waterfall knit, CHECK. A layered selection of necklaces, CHECK and from the waist down, you might as well call me “Mr Sports Luxe” with a high-end shopper in tow.

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Street Style MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

This obsession calls for no halt. I am a fashion man fixated with the odd idea to reel out all styling tricks tried and tested and my pull towards the powerful impact of a black and white look is nowhere near ending. As much as I have admitted many-a-time to a quest for revising fashion’s rules, one that remains more constant (than it is repetitive) is the superbly varying appeal for wardrobe choices with a connective duct from the very tip of my toes, all the way up to the longest of my hair follicles. Let me break it down; black-on-black clothe is never not charming (hello! Have you seen fashion people on a job? Talk about the ONLY enduring sense of uniformity.), the same goes for the idea to smartfully sway into a frequently updated monochromatic side. That said –and trialled, it is the raging attraction to calculated styling measures that sets us apart as we interpret trends. The undeniable power in one’s talent to sensibly pair bits and bobs with a plenty of personality, so to say. One of my few clearly adored fashion pledges include adopting a black and white formula with all the trickery known to mankind, as a nod of sorts to promote a visual statement which can possibly transcend age, sub-culture, gender and perhaps a period bygone.

South African Street Style Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

Plainly put; this look in these pics marks my current state of mind and reflects the desire to balance my influences. For instance, I am not mad the idea to bring in a bit of sport –see the flat peak cap, linked with a baseball shirt atop a pseudo-tropical shirt -anybody keen to acknowledge the pattern play here?  Do spot the cage style metal cuffs for a geometric addition. Included in the contemporary intricacy thus far, I simply had to nod at a retro vibe, and this came through via a classic bowtie paired with Mihara Yasuhiro x PUMA’s refreshing take on the 1930’s style menswear shoe staple; the disc brogues to round off this style story.

MJ AND STUFF SA Fashion Blogger Mahlatse James

Black and white updated monochrome, MJ AND STUFF, Mahlatse James

South African Street Style MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Street Style

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Mahlatse James SA Fashion Blogger MJ AND STUFF