MJ AND STUFF, Mahlatse James

This has to be by far my lengthiest pic based post in the tremendous history of this blog and I am almost certain that looking at these images, you too are likely to understand that I simply could not have left a frame unpublished. Photographed by my beloved when we took time-out from the city jumble after an intense season; I realised on the final morning of the retreat that I could coordinate a print-on-print-on-print-on-print outfit with pieces recently acquired.  It all pieced up, I think. Needless to mention (in parts) that for a human who fashions even in his sleep, I spent a great deal of that weekend in sweats, hoodies, swimshorts and vellies (and yes, I totally spoke of myself in 3rd person). One’s excitement reached peak levels as I curated this look (vellies in tow), befitting for these trialling fashion times. Trialling because a change of season usually thrusts a tinny and exciting hiccup in one’s stylin’ missions. Some people cannot handle the “challenge”. I, on the other hand, thrive on balancing a comprehensive knowledge with the tout sera sera of it all. This here, is the autumn fitting result. All many frames of it!









Mahlastse James MJ AND STUFF AW 2015









I don’t claim to know it all. I never really did and I hope to never will. I know what I know and I sometimes try to care for a bit of an interest in whatever else. For example; I do not have the foggiest idea why most of the commentary on this blog comes veiled or via private mail. My appreciation remains sharply paramount though. In the same very tiny bracket of things I do not know for sure, I cannot deny nor confirm if red is fast becoming my favourite colour, like, ever.

The latter is only due to a realisation brought by conversations with one a couple of readers who said to have loved this blazer I wore to the crowning of Miss Veet 2015 –freshly blogged just yesterday. I’d like to think that the only narrative here indicates the exemplary intersect of a probing fashionpolitan and a perfectly made piece.

This magnificent blazer is a thrifted find from a charity store and I will never not wear out an opportunity to tell the tale of how I have gone into the shop to donate items from my wardrobe, whilst dealing with a friend whose patience seemed to thread off until I bribed him with a matching vintage leather coat that could resemble something out of action movies made way before we were born. As fashion fate would have it, the piece I flung off the hangers because I had a bright-bulb moment themed around starched shoulder blades happens to fit me like a glove and equally serve my thing for a topical sartorial mission.







I adore this piece and one thing I know for sure is; I will wear it stunningly, for seasons to come.


MJ AND STUFF Kurt Geiger winter 2015

I love a good windie, I do. This is definitively all because I spent a great deal of the preceding chills’ spell enveloped in all kinds of wonderful pieces and I certainly do miss my “uniform”.  I don’t think I have ever in my entire life as a fashioning human, been so eager for a winter season to creep in with its crisp temperatures, in many parts because I do believe that tis the season to distinguish the real fashion folk from the rest – the seemingly fervently scantily clad kind, I mean! My other reasons feed an excitement to restock layers. At the moment, I am going crazy in circles for the quilted windie from Kurt Geiger’s winter 2015 collection.

Within its European heritage, Kurt Geiger continues to distinguish its range with finer details and intricate stitching. And I figure that this windbreaker epitomises the brand’s tailored and structured motif for this year’s winter. Every single detail carries through an efficient level of sophisticated luxury. Super updated and can (should really) work across all types of wardrobes, all because of its ceaseless benefits. i.e. an ability to can (and should) sculpt one’s torso.

Kurt Geiger Winter 2015 MJ AND STUFF

It is my definite #HotToBag item right now.


SAMSUNG CSCSHE WON!!! That was my gleeful expression followed by a premature wolf whistle, slash short-lived-ululating, when former Miss SA –Melinda Bam, announced the crowning of Odirile Sepeng as Miss Veet 2015. I am not one to claim that I called it, but… -Y’all know I did. And I caught five with her, right after the crowning. Naturally!

Odirile Sepeng Miss Veet 2015 MJ AND STUFF

MJ: Congratulations and all the cool things. You’ve got to tell me how it feels and stuff.

Odirile Sepeng: it is so surreal; I am kind of looking forward to all of this to sink in. As much as this was the goal, it is all so dreamlike right now.

MJ: I can only imagine… tell me, what does any of this, mean to you? I mean, considering that you are a law student who has just bagged the coveted Miss Veet 2015 title?

OS:  Oh, it all gels in, really. I mean, I know now more than ever that determination and motivation can transcend adversity. I came into this competition to learn and absorb as much as I could, in order to be a better version of myself, whether in a professional or personal capacity. Not only have I marked those off my “check-list” I now get to represent one of the most beautiful of brands. It’s all very humbling.


MJ: What went into prepping for all this? You appeared pretty chilled throughout.

OS: In my head, the mere thought of having made it through our (the finalists) challenges, rendered me triumphant. Just as I thought nothing could possibly trump the other, the next level proved to be even more awesome. There is just no way could I claim to have done all the prep work all by myself, I only had to arm myself with an open mind and all the enthusiasm as I could master.

MJ: let’s reel in the younger version of you. Could she have prepped for this any differently?

OS: Oh, I doubt that very much. That will of course depend on how far back we are talking here. As a young woman, I barely have my head wrapped around the concept of adulthood and all its trials. Thankfully, with this title comes the great benefit of having all my mentors at my disposal, so I will take full advantage of that. The younger me would not even have thought of this as a prospect, I also hope to avail myself to young girls and perhaps help propel their varied goals.


MJ:  Lastly; what comes hereafter?

OS: The world is definitely my oyster and I am already bouncing around a couple of ideas to make the best of this reign. I would love to claim that the best is yet to come, but speaking as a person who just got crowned less than a hour ago, I am thrilled for whatever feeling comes after this.


The rarity of Odirile’s brand does not come unnoticed. Talk about quintessential beauty with a brain and enthusiasm to match. This here will be a beautiful reign. I am just super excited to see her grow beyond measure.



Mahlatse James x DJ Zinhle x Previdar

You simply cannot have missed this one. Delightfully splashed across all of the interwebs and social media canals alike; it is all about DJ Zinhle’s FUSE Academy celebrating six years in the business of holding high the banner of female Disk Jocks. As part of the revels, the company thought of me as the stylist to work with for this campaign. Fitting, seeing that we have a rather wonderful relationship built over the years. I suppose one can even claim that we have come somewhere near a full circle and an opportunity to team up for something this great, was well overdue.

Mahlatse James Styling DJ Zinhle for PREVIDAR

You don’t need me to tell you that the result is all sorts of phenomenal and as far as the Woman-Crush-Wednesday hashtag is concerned; the social media circles are widening beyond belief. The series of gorgeous images (even if I have to say so myself) was photographed by the incredibly talented Lawrence Manyapelo are published on portraying FUSE Academy’s talent in the most stylish of fronts.

DJ Zinhle x Previdar x Mahlatse James

 I took the liberty of sharing some of my faves, but you simply have to keep your eyes locked on my styling consultancy with the gifted Sekelo Timelly; S & M Creative Agents (@SANDMCREATIVE on the twitter streets) for regular drops.  We have also just shared some of the behind the scenes images on our facebook page over HERE.

FUSE Academy x Predidar x Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James styled FUSE Academy Female DJs


Miss PRU x Mahlatse James x Previdar

Ms Cosmo Styled by Mahlatse James for Previdar

Ms Cosmo x DJ Zinhle x Previdar x Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James Styling Miss Pru for FUSE Academy photoshoot

photo 5

MJ AND STUFF x Miss Pru x Topshop x Samstar x

Mahlatse James x Topman x Rozanne and Pushkin x FUSE Academy

DJ Zinhle x Previdar x Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James Styling DJ Zinhle for FUSE Academy photoshoot

photo 3

MJ AND STUFF x Mahlatse James x Topshop x Hat City x DJ Zinhle

Starring DJ Zinhle, Miss Pru and a few other FUSE Academy talents, the wardrobe credits include, Topshop, Topman, Forever New, Mr Price, Rozanne and Pushkin, Egality, Joel Janse Van Vuuren, Maaji, Pichulik, Nicci Boutique, PUMA, Europa Art Shoes, Alexander McQueen, Piece, Pamela Mann.


Mahlatse James South African Bloggers MJ AND STUFF 01

I am not really here to fluctuate between favourite chromes, even thought it really is part of my job to learn and report on what is said to be “in”. Funzies in other parts. Well, right now, as fashion seems set on trying to eradicate the idea of a personal style edit; trend watchers, edufashioned humans in the know and devoted secret societies are piecing together reports suggesting connective references –control issues much? Anyway, this here I have gathered from a blatant dress-up responses, some of which were masqueraded as “last minute picks” throughout the award season. If the mother of all red carpet processions (the 87th Academy Awards) is anything to go by, the colour RED, in all its hues reigns right, right now. #ShockFactor I am for it!

Ok, my reasons could very well be said to mark several referrals really. Including shape shifting cuts; hello midi culottes! Street style relevance; see these killa PUMA kicks. And plentiful androgyny; check the box-cut retro top borrowed from the fairer sex. I have also, never not loved the excitement from styling oneself into the monochromatic trends, using pieces that have been in one’s closet for a while. Monochromatic is used rather loosely in this regard, especially if you are looking at these pics with a layman’s naked eye.

Mahlatse James in Red monochrome

Mahlatse James Street Style MJ AND STUFF

I could go on lengthily about the multi shades of red I went with here, but I shall dare not ignite confusion as spread by last week’s optical illusion frock. I am just keen to verify the charisma of red colourwashes; from, scarlet, to ruby lava, to lust worthy cranberry tints, passion bursting rosso corsas and the rusty chestnut from the chosen background here. It makes all the sense that the psychology of this colour circles around passion and confidence.

MJ AND STUFF Blogger Mahlatse James

South African Street Style MJ AND STUFF

Menswear, MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James

Street Style, Mahlatse James, MJ AND STUFF

Monochromatic trends Mahalste James Streets Style



QUICK #OOTOD: Outfit-OfTheOtherDay


Here’s a real quick one: this here is small series of thrown back pics of me snapped by The Sir, the other day when an excellent and reverberated piece of art made a little b***h out of me and my mashed-up-blues-on-blues-from-top-to-just-below-the-knee-length-outfit. It’s not a biggie though; I’d much rather be “done in” by art than anything else. This sure is one of the rare occasions where words would just not be enough.








House of Diva Bubble Dress at Burgundy Fly

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a tad M.I.A in these streets of now late. Okay maybe a lot M.I.A in these streets and for this, pangs of guilt continue to have their wicked ways with me. I have however, not gone easy on fashioning missions and am working on a plan to equally #SERVE all these rad spheres. Much like the recurring tale of my life; great loves of mine prove to ring for a re-run, ever so often (thy mind shall reside not in the gutter)… yes, ladies and the most gentle of gentlemen; I seem to have taken to nursing quite a number of styling projects.

It feels all sorts of good to make a return to dealing threads at this level. I hadn’t really sworn off duties to skilfully gather clothing and bags and accessories and working together with brilliant teams of fellow stylopilitans and the oh-so-incredible thrill of watching it all piece up and taking something of a stylish shape. If anything, I feel that even though I have (during intermission periods) communicated my fashion ways through mediums poles apart, the course remained strong. I live for it!

South African Fashion Stylist Mahlatse James

In these pics, I was tasked with contributing to a series of catalogue spreads for one of the most amazing (seriously, AMAZING) retailers of local fashion; Burgundy Fly and I got to link-up with a talented team whose madcap friendship I would not trade for anything. I just happen to have love-LOVE-loved fussing over this stunning bubble dress by House of Diva.

Mahlatse James Styling the Burgundy Fly catalogue

Burgundy Fly Catalogue Styled by Mahlatse James

Stylist Mahlatse James

Whilst holding  it down on the styling front alongside the abundantly talented Tsholo Mothibi on snap session duty, with such a remarkable face-beat by Tsholo Ramashala of Make-up Couture, hair hooked-up by Bongani and the gorgeous Khanya Mlilo as the adorable model.  Big-ups to the Burgundy Fly team on set too; Dolly and Nhlanhla.

Be not alarmed dear ones, as much as I now spend a heck lot of my time in studious or setting up at an odd location; this here blog will be cared for with just as much verve and attention.

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*

*spot the Maria McCloy Cutch bag right under my arm*



True Religion x Stacey Holland

Just the other day I was engrossed in a lengthier-than-an-air-kiss conversation with someone from my past about the fact that I have never really owned a pair of True Religion jeans, yet I have been recommending the brand to clients for a couple of years. So fate went and did its thing, the first ever True Religion flagship store in the country opened doors in Sandton City a couple of weeks ago and I got the raddest offer to play in the change rooms with the most awesome gal I have hung out with in a while. The lovely human I speak of, is none other than the fitness model, media personality and entrepreneur; Stacey Holland. I have to say, plenty funziment was had, as we spent an entire mid-morning playing dress up in the freshly decked up shop and throwing Hi-5’s as support expressions to a never-ending gush fest. She assumed the role of a schmortzel –not surprising, I mean with that banging body-ody-ody and a remarkable personality, whilst I was at ease with the role of he who snaps the pics. All very casual vibez really and we came up with top three styles we think you should be #WERQing with right now. Oh, and I am going to write the captions in French because 1) I am obsessed with Google translator right now and 2) You simple have to try it.

pas emprunté aux garçons.

Body spray-like jeans are cute and all but the same kind of appreciation can be granted to a roomier silhouette this season. Not necessarily borrowed from the boys because meticulous attention needs to be paid to proportions and in these pics we aimed for a laid-back take on the seasonless denim-on-denim.

Body spray-like jeans are cute and all but the same kind of appreciation can be granted to a roomier silhouette this season. Not necessarily borrowed from the boys because meticulous attention needs to be paid to proportions and in these pics we aimed for a laid-back take on the seasonless denim-on-denim.


Stacey Holland True Religion MJ AND STUFF

Sandton True Religion Stacey Holland MJ AND STUFF

le jogger classique.

This season sees the magnificent jogger still beautifully positioned as one of the ultimate wardrobe staples. The once-was-reserved-for-track piece can be worn in many different ways and with these few shots, we hop-skipped straight into day-to-day functionality by including a tailored shirt and a pair of strappy heels.

This season sees the magnificent jogger still beautifully positioned as one of the ultimate wardrobe staples. The once-was-reserved-for-track piece can be worn in many different ways and with these few shots, we hop-skipped straight into day-to-day functionality by including a tailored shirt and a pair of strappy heels.

MJ AND STUFF Stacey Holland True Religion

Stacey Holland Sandton True Religion


nappe poussin de ville.

Not much narrative needed here. The look is very now, practical, considerably styled and could work for most sizes.

Not much narrative needed here. The look is very now, practical, considerably styled and could work for most sizes.

True Religion MJ AND STUFF Stacey Holland

MJ AND STUFF True Religion Stacey Holland

Fun gal. Fun day. Fun brand.


Credits: all clothing from True Religion. Shoes: Dusud Shoes at the Sandton store. Stacey’s hair was hooked up by Chantal Baaitjie @chanyb8


Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF

I refuse to believe that I am the only one experiencing the probable rise of an unsolicited shift in things. Fashion things I mean. My heart bleeds a terror cocktail at the mere thought that a personal edit might be nearing its end days –as in, people are starting to appear more and more alike. I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming, and if I really must set blame, it’s all because of the massive tide that became the “nomcore” nonsense.

My raison d’être goes a little something like this; rewind to a whole year-and-a-half ago when several magazine editors thought it a good idea to perpetuate nods for a look so plain and lacklustre, they dubbed elements of it as make-up for a short-lived trend known in “susceptible” circles as Off-Duty. Like an unassumingly arrogant monster, the fad cultivated comfort to a crazy degree and erratic stylopolitans followed suit. I will however, grant it an ovation for veering the important basis of clean lines and an option to sometimes de-clutter one’s look. But, needy as this tribe of people constantly hungry for an upgrade, off-duty was due for an improved reference point and the result threw all the way back to a period in the 90’s when some people claimed to not be interested in the significance of fashion. (Please don’t make me go all Miranda Priestly and stuff). This according to me and an uncertified sensibility to put one and two together; is how nomcore came to be. #Don’tFeedTheMonster

 As you can probably imagine, committed practitioners of peacocking freaked the hell out as this craze could signal that one might face a possible dethroning from starring roles on street style blogs.

Individuality seems to be at risk and the way I see it, all believers of great style and advocates of letting one’s sartorial freak flag fly are now duty-bound as this here is a situation. Once again, I am by no means pledging support for anything styled tastelessly. If anything I beg for personality to reign paramount when one leaves their house… or as in my case in this here post, when one plays with a black lip ointment out in the fire escape.

Mahlatse James pro pic

South African Street Style MJ AND STUFF

MJ Mahlatse James

Personal style MJ AND STUFF

MJ AND STUFF Fashion Blogger Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James MJ